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Will wireless charging technology really become the future trend?

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-05-17

Since the advent of mobile phones, R&D personnel have researched one after another black technology, mobile phone AI face recognition technology, fingerprint unlocking technology, voice-to-text technology, and image-to-text technology. Of course, these are not what I want to introduce today, what I will let you know today is "wireless cell phone charger". The portable wireless charger used by the mobile phone is of electromagnetic induction type. The mobile phone is charged in the QI method, and it can be charged when it is placed on the wireless charging device.

Wireless charger technology is something that has only been proposed in recent years, so its products are not so mature. Although wireless chargers can be used, the current maximum charging power is only 20W, and the charging speed is still very slow. Relatively, the current mobile phone fast charging It's already as high as 30W. In contrast, wired fast charging is better.

As we all know, not all mobile phones support fast wireless charger. If you want to realize wireless charger, you must first have the support of "QI wireless charging protocol". Most of the old mobile phones do not have this agreement. If you want to enjoy the wireless charging service, you can go to a certain treasure to buy an inductive charging.

wireless charger

However, the limitation of the Wireless charger is still very large, and the charging is very slow. According to netizens, a 20W fast-charging millet wireless charger can charge a 0-power millet phone, and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge. If it is replaced with a fast charge, it can be fully charged in less than an hour. And make sure that the phone is placed in the middle of the charging board, otherwise, it may take a day to be unsatisfied.

As a black technology, fast wireless charger is currently not perfect, and there are many technical limitations. In daily life, compared with wired charging, fast wireless charger does not have the concerns of "mobile phone charging head cannot be inserted" or "charging cable connector easily broken", but the charging speed is still too slow, and at the same time as the wireless charger, You cannot play with mobile phones, especially applications that consume too much power. The charging rate of the fast wireless charger should be very slow.

In this case, you must choose wired charging, because the speed is fast, and you can play with your mobile phone while charging. Because the charging speed is directly proportional to the heating speed of the mobile phone, the temperature of the mobile phone will almost reach 40-50° after charging, which will harm the mobile phone battery. Therefore, slow charging speed also has the benefit of slow charging speed, which can protect the battery and prolong the service life of the battery.

In real life, the places we often go to, such as small restaurants, hot pot restaurants or barbecue shops, are equipped with a wireless charger area, and the appearance is black, which looks like a battery stove, which is convenient for users to use. Although this ratio is not very high, when the wireless charger function is complete, it is believed that wireless charger devices will bloom everywhere.

After talking about mobile phones, let’s take a look at the current wireless charger devices. Now that there is the black technology of wireless charger, many corresponding manufacturers will start mass production of wireless charger devices, and the price is within an acceptable range.

Currently, there is only one wireless charger standard, called "QI", which was jointly formulated and confirmed by a number of companies in 2012. QI is the current universal and unified charging standard. Just like the USB port, you don't need to look at the brand or suitability. As long as it has a USB shape, it can be used. The same is true for the wireless charger, as long as there is a QI standard, it is applicable to the wireless charger. However, there is also a problem, that is, the charging rate mentioned above is only 15W at the maximum, and it takes 3 hours to charge a 3000mh battery. The 20W Xiaomi fast wireless charger mentioned above also takes two hours to fully charge. When it comes to compatibility, one thing has to be said. Some mobile phone manufacturers set new charging voltage standards, and their devices are not compatible with other standard mobile phone brands.

Jaskey Limited recently released an extremely powerful wireless charger called "3 in 1 wireless charger", which can charge watches, earphones, and mobile phones at the same time. And it supports IPhone/Micro/Type-C. Wattage is only 10W. If you also want this powerful wireless charger, hurry up and inquire!

3 in 1 wireless charger