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How to avoid TWS wireless earbuds damage to ears and hearing?

Hedy 2021-05-19 16:27:17
TWS wireless earbuds have become an indispensable daily necessities for modern people.

Recently, many consumers in South Korea reported that after wearing a certain brand of wireless TWS wireless earbuds, their ears have symptoms such as pus and crusting. In response, the brand responded that this product has passed the test of international institutions before it goes on the market, and has obtained no harmful substance test results, and said that because the TWS wireless earbuds are of in-ear type, sweat or moisture may cause similar problems.
Wrong posture, TWS wireless earbuds hurt ears?

Why do symptoms such as pus and scab appear after wearing ears? This is because of inflammation of our outer ears. Is this true when listening to music with in-ear TWS wireless earbuds? Then we must first know how the ear changes when we wear TWS wireless earbuds.

As we all know, after "putting on the TWS wireless earbuds", the TWS wireless earbuds will be in close contact with the auricle and the external auditory canal, and a certain degree of pressure will be generated during the close contact. Since the auricle and the external auditory canal are mainly cartilage and a thin layer of skin, local compression for a long time can easily cause ischemia, which will affect the secretion of the cerumen.

"Cumenium" sounds very tall, but cerumen is what we commonly call "earwax". Although it sounds a bit inelegant, "earwax" can indeed play a role in lubricating the ear canal, and it can also prevent insects and bacteria from entering the inside of the ear. Wearing TWS wireless earbuds for a long time will affect the secretion of the cerumen glands and your ears will become dry and itchy. Since it's itchy, of course you have to scratch it, and be happy~

As everyone knows, it is the "temporary relief" of grasping the ear that makes the fragile outer ear prone to damage and aggravates the possibility of ear canal infection. At the same time, when wearing TWS wireless earbuds, heat may accumulate, making the outer ear moist, providing a breeding ground for bacteria.

TWS wireless earbuds
1. It is not advisable to wear the headset for too long, and it is best not to wear it for more than one hour at a time. If you need to wear it continuously, you can take off the headset first and let your ears rest.

2. Pay attention to the daily cleaning of the TWS wireless earbuds, you can use a cotton swab dipped in 75% alcohol, or use a cotton pad containing 75% alcohol to wipe.

3. If you feel itchy ears after wearing the headset, you can press your tragus and rub it lightly to ease it. If the symptoms persist for a few days and still cannot be relieved, seek medical attention in the hospital.

Posture is very important, so pay attention to when buying!

In addition to paying attention to the process of using TWS wireless earbuds, we should also understand the TWS wireless earbuds when choosing TWS wireless earbuds, and try them in the physical store before buying them. Many manufacturers will optimize the shape of the headset, taking into account the stability, comfort and breathability of wearing as much as possible. Feiduo's current headset products are based on this design idea. Whether it is the elementary Feiduo asteroid or the mid-to-high-end Sirius MKII, they have been optimized in terms of wearing comfort.

The asteroid with the ring-magnetic double-unit sound structure has the advantage of inherent small size. On this basis, Feiduo combined with ergonomic data to repeatedly modify the small and round wearing curve, which not only has outstanding wearing comfort, but also has strong versatility. Combined with the high-precision MMCX interchangeable line design, the asteroid can be wired and wirelessly switched at will, further broadening the usage scenarios.

The transformed Sirius MKII listened to the opinions and suggestions of many enthusiasts during the creation process. On the basis of ensuring a reasonable sound cavity design, the cavity shape was greatly optimized, and the wearing comfort was significantly improved. Comfortable and stable to wear, you can feel the regular sound field that can leapfrog the ten thousand yuan product, solid low frequency and emotional vocal performance.

Although TWS wireless earbuds bring convenience and enjoyment to our lives, we cannot blindly immerse ourselves in the world created by TWS wireless earbuds. Whether you are an enthusiast or not, choose a headset that fits the shape of your auricle, and pay attention to ear hygiene when using the headset, so that the beauty of music can last longer.

TWS wireless earbuds