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Why do we need a bluetooth headphone

2020-03-30 17:20:22
1.drivers who use bluetooth headphones will feel very free. Whether it is reversing when looking back, or after parking back to take back seat things, driving when answering calls are very convenient, no concern.

2.Bluetooth headset is good in quality and sometimes even better than answering phone calls directly.
3.will be a bit unaccustomed to wearing at first, it may be that the user plug the earplug too tightly, make it as if across something, can not hear the sound around. As long as the ear plug slightly open, light buckle on the ear hole, there is no such problem.

bluetooth headphone

bluetooth headphone

4. reveal a way to ensure the effect of the call, just always keep the Bluetooth headset on the same side of the body as the phone, such a call effect is the best, that if the Bluetooth headset is hung on the right ear, the phone can also be placed on the right side of the body; and vice versa. The main goal is to get rid of the tie-up, and the second is to reduce the "electromagnetic radiation" because the phone is not in direct close contact with the human brain.