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Why can't Bluetooth headsets replace wired headsets?

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-04-07

In 2000, GN Netcom from Denmark launched the world's first Bluetooth mobile headset. Although, the Bluetooth headsets at that time were all single-ear devices, just to meet the call needs, not to talk about listening to music. But from that time on, Bluetooth headsets entered the public eye for the first time. It was also in that year that GN acquired Jabra, the former king brand of Bluetooth headsets.

Up to now, technology has been developing for another 20 years. Since Apple has successively launched AirPods and Pro Bluetooth series earphones, the trend of wireless earphones has become more and more obvious. Bluetooth technology seems to be really going to revolutionize the life of wired headsets. As a product of the perfect combination of high technology and fashion, Bluetooth headsets do have the absolute advantage of being a fatal blow to wired headsets, that is, to break free from the shackles of the "wire".

Bluetooth headsets

I remember that in the era when wired headsets were still fighting for hegemony, major manufacturers made great contributions to this line. For example, in order to solve the problem that the earphone cord is easy to be entangled when storing, the noodle thread and anti-entanglement material are introduced;

In order to solve the stethoscope effect, the wire is made into a braided winding form; in order to extend the service life of the earphone, a solution that can replace the earphone cable is adopted. It can be said that for this thread can be considered exhausting. Nowadays, a Bluetooth technology solves all the pain points at once.

If Bluetooth headsets can play so well, why do so many people buy wired headsets?

To me, it is very simple, that is the pursuit of sound quality. Modern earphone technology has indeed developed rapidly, but compared with other wearable devices, the function of earphones is still relatively single, and most users still use earphones to answer calls or enjoy music. Sound quality is a very easy question, but it is a barrier that cannot be bypassed for Bluetooth headsets.

The early Bluetooth technology mainly solved the transmission problem, and gradually solved the efficiency and bandwidth issues after the transmission was guaranteed. It is only in recent years that everyone has the energy to start researching and improving the sound quality, such as Qualcomm's aptX, aptX-HD, etc., SONY Dafa's LDAC, and the national pride of Huawei's HWA/LHDC technology. But no matter how these technologies develop, they will be restricted by the technical framework of Bluetooth technology itself.

In addition to sound quality, the battery is another problem that Bluetooth technology needs to face. Whether it is increasingly miniaturized true wireless Bluetooth headsets or large-scale over-ear Bluetooth headsets, battery life and charging are obstacles to technological breakthroughs, no matter how high or low it is.

Don’t forget the stability of the connection. Even though the Bluetooth has been popularized to version 5.1, the bandwidth has been increased to 48Mb/s, and the transmission distance has been nominally 300 meters, but the link still breaks when I wait for a subway, why? Will there be a delay in starting a pesticide bureau with a friend?

Having said so much, I suddenly discovered that these problems were not caused by the removal of the "thread". So are you going to remove it or do you want to remove it?

So, since you can't beat it, let's go on with it in peace!

As for the choice of Bluetooth headset or wired headset, please leave a message to discuss what you have learned.

Bluetooth headsets