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Why buy Open-ear Audio Sunglasses?

Nina 2021-07-15 13:59:33
The Open-ear Audio Sunglasses Working principle:Open-ear Audio Sunglasses use the principle of Bluetooth and wireless reception mode to receive the frequency of paired links to listen to a variety of audio content.

1.Sunglasses with music
It is smart audio glasses (square style) adopt classic square frame shape and large lens, and combine the iconic sunglasses shape and Open-ear Audio Sunglasses sound quality ingeniously to create a distinctive immersive sound effect.

2.See and hear
3.From tiny speakers hidden in the mirror legs to premium lenses, the Open-ear Audio Sunglasses smart audio glasses are designed to shade the sun and play music  

3.You don't need to put anything in your ear

Open-ear Audio Sunglasses  are comfortable to wear. It's a new way of listening.  The freedom to listen to and interact with the world around you is accompanied by music.  

Open-ear Audio Sunglasses

4.Fall in love with varied styles
Choose the right Open-ear Audio Sunglasses smart audio glasses lens.  Interchangeable lenses are available in a variety of limited edition colors, which you can match according to your own style.  

5.Free your hands and make driving safer
Answering or making phone calls while driving is not uncommon on the street. This behavior not only violates traffic laws, but also has potential safety risks. Some regions will give economic penalties to drivers for answering or making phone calls while driving according to the situation.  That's where Open-ear Audio Sunglasses come in handy for safe driving  

Do you have any interest in our Open-ear Audio glasses?  It can be predicted that it will have a broad market, hurry up to buy in large quantities.