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Teach you how to choose a wireless gaming headset

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-07-14
Step 1: Wireless or wired?
The most important thing is that the most significant differentiating feature that divides gaming headsets is whether they are wired or wireless. I tested both in the review and found that most gamers like wired gaming headsets very much. However, both have some pros and cons. Once you pair them with your computer correctly, wireless gaming headsets are undoubtedly more convenient to use than their wired gaming headsets. The lack of a power cord allows you to move completely freely, and even grab something within a short distance, while listening to what is happening in the game or continuing the conversation via voice chat. However, I found that all wireless models are a bit more expensive than many similar wired models, so you will definitely pay more for the extra freedom that wireless models provide. More importantly, I also found that the audio quality and microphone quality of the wireless gaming headset is far lower than the wired model. Despite these shortcomings, if your gaming computer is set up to use too long a cable, or if you move frequently and hate being tied by a rope while playing games, a wireless gaming headset may be your only choice.

wireless gaming headset

Step 2: Comfort is king.
Although you may be content to tolerate an unsuitable pair of earplugs for an hour or two during exercise or exercise, the wearing time of the wireless gaming headset is much longer and to ensure that it can comfortably fit your head, which is not It is important to take advantage of your new wireless gaming headset and avoid any skull compression. The important thing is to try first and then buy. Everyone’s head and ears are different. There is nothing close to actually trying on headphones before buying. Although I am sure that I find the most comfortable earphones to be very suitable for most people, it is totally worth it to see if you can borrow a pair from a friend or try it in a store for a fit test. However, if this is not possible, we recommend that you purchase a wireless gaming headset from a retailer with a loose return policy. If you find the wrong size of the earmuffs or any discomfort, you can send it back.

Step 3: Whether to choose bass?
When you feel completely immersed in the game and you want to find a wireless gaming headset with audio quality that matches your favorite game, there can be almost as many audio tracks and sound effects as visual effects. For many fans of first-person shooters that may be non-competitive, those who want to hear the roar of the engine in a racing game, or those who want to achieve the highest level of horror in a horror game, if this is the case, Then you will need to look for a wireless gaming headset with the largest driver, so that you can get that rumble low-end without serious distortion.

wireless gaming headset