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"Who love who spilt" - a day at the splendid China

Alice Jaskey Limited 2013-07-29 10:16:43
On July 20, 2013, the company all staff participated in the splendid China "open new water-sprinkling festival, who love who just spilt" activities. This activity not only enrich the amateur cultural activities of the staff, enhance the communication between the departments cooperation, also stimulated the staff's working enthusiasm, initiative. Let the excitement to the family more harmonious science and technology, to better improve the cohesion of the enterprise. The event along the way, we enthusiasm, care about each other, the journey is full of singing and harmony and warmth, at the blast, deeply felt the warmth of family, also established the development for the company contribution wisdom and strength of the determination and confidence. Here is a photo of our company personnel to participate in the activities, please enjoy.

Linger at the same time, again tomorrow to meet the work, believe that everyone will take the more energy more high enthusiasm into the work, contribute own strength to product, technology, work together for the family.