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Hundred Regiments, for the dream fight

Alice Jaskey Limited 2013-07-29 10:16:43
Hundred Regiments are Chinese Anti-Japanese War , the Chinese Communist Party under the leadership of the Eighth Route Army , the New Fourth Army and the Japanese in northern China occurred once the largest and longest battle. Eighth Route Army military region , 129 , 120 p Peng division under the unified command , launched in order to sabotage the boy railway ( Shijiazhuang to Taiyuan ) focused campaign. Eighth Route Army fighting forces, more than 100 groups , it said this is the "Hundred Regiments ." The battle greatly improved people's Anti-Japanese North confidence in victory , then lure for Japanese policy and Oriental Munich conspiracy to great blow to Jiang District People with great excitement . The campaign also gave capitulationists another blow to improve the leadership of the Communist anti-Japanese military prestige , the Eighth Route Army against the Kuomintang manufacturing so-called "swim without the strike ," the rumors, is a turning point in the War of Resistance !
Ali Baba's Hundred Regiments refers to each enterprise sales team performance between the PK, by pk, repair teams ; borrow results , repair grow ; borrow a result, repair process ; borrow one hundred groups , repair boss's a war for the dream forward .
August 29, 2013 at 1:30 pm , at the Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce Building, 2nd Floor , held a grand ceremony Hundred Regiments PK competition war . The momentum of the grand plot GrandTech in the Hundred Regiments of soldiers swore : " Chixue soul , killing war Pengcheng ." Ali Baba " Jagged Hundred Regiments " PK tournament , vow to win results 6000000 ! To ensure completion of the task to defend the Legion of Honor !

During the dinner, we all business staff unity is strength, together, confidence one hundred times, this is not just a "battle" in the market place, but also everyone gathered, strive hard for the dream of witness, lofty sentiments and their determination of, let JunLingZhuang more energetic, we fight for our dream, we fight for youth, we are a member of the science and technology, we in order to complete the performance, in order to dream and efforts to courageously battle.
Product, product, create miracle!
The red three regiment to win! The reds win! I am proud as a member of a product's technology!