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What should we pay attention to when choosing true wireless bluetooth earbuds? (3)

Emily http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-06-10 16:48:58

5. What extensions can the App provide for you?
In the field of earphones, the rapidly emerging true wireless bluetooth earbuds are regarded as cutting-edge technology products, not only the high-end technology of internal applications, but also the unlimited expansion of functions. Therefore, many earphone manufacturers have launched apps that correspond to true wireless bluetooth earbuds. By combining with apps, users can enjoy the additional functions of earbuds more. In addition to the aforementioned function of retrieving the earphones through the App, most of the true wireless bluetooth earbuds that can be used with the App can allow users to adjust the volume and switch the machine on and off. Some also have EQ mode settings, such as The E8 series of B&O PLAY can be used with its own Beop|ay App to adjust the four groups of EQ, including Warm, Excited, Relax, and Bright, and listen to your favorite music with appropriate sound effects.
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6. Don't ignore battery life
The power of wireless earbuds has always been one of the features consumers care about most, and of course the same is true when buying true wireless bluetooth earbuds. The true wireless bluetooth earbuds do not have a cable to install the battery. The battery can only be stored in the small body of the left and right ears. In order to improve the battery life, most of the true wireless bluetooth earbuds on the market use the "headphone binding charging storage. "Box" design, the storage box is a mobile power supply, and many of them support USB fast charging, allowing users to get a longer use time when going out. Therefore, when measuring the battery life, you must add the storage capacity of the headset itself and the charging box. If you usually use the headset outside for a long time, the battery life of the product is absolutely very important. One point needs to be mentioned in particular. Some true wireless bluetooth earbuds incorporate the anti-noise function. Although it is more convenient to use, if you synchronize the sensitive anti-noise function while listening to music, the power consumption will be relatively higher than when it is not turned on. Pay special attention when using.