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VR technology or will change

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-06-10 17:26:02

It was not long ago, Movidius company made public its latest 2 VPU Myriad, being applied in the upcoming lenovo products.Called the so-called VPU, Vision Processing Unit, namely visual Processing Unit.Although this sounds totally nothing exciting, but the presence of the Myriad 2 is likely to trigger a change in the field of mobile VR and AR.

So what is VPU?According to Movidius, this is a kind of ultra-low power consumption chip, professional processing more onerous task from virtual reality application, especially the head tracking, space mapping, eye tracking and gesture recognition.
Myriad 2 most exaggerated place is that it takes less than 1 w power consumption, theoretically can afford VR and AR all requested can cause a lot of the burden of work for smart phones.According to the current known details, VPU has 12 programmable core, an image signal processor, as well as the hardware accelerators.

In fact smartphone running VR applications of fever is really matters worthy of attention, it is also a Google announced in Daydream VR platform, openly at the moment all the android flagship machine can not meet the requirement of one of the main reason.According to the standard proposed by Google, a mobile phone to reach the level of Daydream, processor efficiency must be high, calorific value need to be controlled to a minimum.

guarantee the best experience of VR platform, and puts forward a high standard, let each big hardware vendors according to this standard to develop mobile phone, in order to get high quality mobile VR experience.In addition to the calorific value, Google also requires the most accurate sense of body recognition accuracy, and sensitivity of the screen.

Oddly, Myriad 2 and special emphasis on no VR in Lenovo's cooperation experience.But considering the Google I/O conference focus on VR and AR, coupled with lenovo to the attention of the android platform, in the future we will see more or so-called Daydream Ready equipment.