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What is the soundproof method of home audio-visual room?

  • Author:Hedy
  • Release Date:2021-09-18
The measures that should be taken to decorate the home listening room include sound insulation and sound absorption. The objects are invisible sounds, which must be quite difficult. Certain skills are required in the actual processing. Only in terms of sound insulation countermeasures, there are big differences due to the environment and the playback volume. Generally, the sound insulation measures to be made are divided into three levels: one is to perform sound insulation treatment on doors and windows; the other is to perform sound insulation treatment on 6 sides of the room; and the third is to build a "room in a room". They are explained separately below.

The most basic way to consider is to strengthen the weaker parts first. The key to sound insulation measures is to strike a balance, which is very important. Taking the steel-pan concrete structure of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as an example, the sound insulation characteristics of concrete walls can reach -50dB, while the sound insulation characteristics of windows are only -25dB. There is a -25dB gap between the two. Eliminating this gap is the goal of the sound insulation project. Even if you increase the sound insulation characteristics of the surrounding walls to -60dB, if you take any measures to the original windows, the sound insulation characteristics of the entire room are still only -25dB. It's like a very deep bucket. If a part is missing, water will flow from there. The depth of the bucket can only be counted as the position of the defect. For sound, it is also true.

Before taking sound insulation measures in the listening room, carefully analyze where the sound will escape. Of course, measures must be taken against the walls and the ground, but don't forget the windows and doors of the room, they are relatively weak parts. The sound leaks out from these places, and the overall sound insulation of the room cannot be high. If there is sound foreign exchange, the first thing to pay attention to is windows and doors.

1. Improve the sound insulation properties of windows and doors

As a countermeasure for the sound insulation of windows, a double-layered window structure is usually adopted. You can keep the existing window and add another window; or remove the existing window and reinstall a glass designed according to the new standard. The glass is the same thickness, and their resonant frequencies are the same. This will make the sound near that frequency stand out. Under normal circumstances, the interval between two layers of windows should be 20cm-30cm. To achieve the same -50dB sound insulation effect as the concrete wall, it is best that the distance between the two layers of glass is more than 30cm. It would be even better if some sound absorption measures could be taken during this interval. Properly constructed, the room can guarantee the sound insulation characteristic of -50dB.

The second weak link is the door. The worst sound insulation effect is the door installed in general apartment buildings and simple home decoration. There is a large gap between the door and the door frame that is roughly nailed with plywood, and its sound insulation performance is no more than -15dB. The sound insulation characteristics of general residential doors can reach -25dB~-35dB. With higher performance, iron doors of the kind used in monitoring rooms are rarely seen in private houses. Now more and more double-layer security doors have good sound insulation properties.

If you want to convert a plywood door into a soundproof door, you should consider that the soundproofing characteristics of the door should be consistent with the soundproofing characteristics of the wall. If the soundproofing characteristic of the wall of the room is only -30dB, installing a door with a soundproofing characteristic of -35dB will be suspected of excess quality. Moreover, due to different manufacturers, the prices of -30dB and -35dB doors are quite different.

Second, enhance the sound insulation characteristics of the wall

As mentioned earlier, windows and doors are the weakest moving parts. The next work is to enhance the sound insulation properties of various walls. Generally, the load-bearing walls of residential houses use steel-panned concrete or solid brick structures, which have good sound insulation effects. The problem mostly lies in the light-weight hollow bricks or gray plastic cardboard used in the partition wall, and the sound insulation characteristics are only -25dB~-30dB. Most home theater rooms have one or two walls in this structure. There is no doubt that, except for windows and doors, this is where the most serious sound leakage occurs. If no measures are taken, the air vibration between the hollow bricks will cause wall resonance, which is very detrimental to the sound quality. There are two specific solutions. One is to demolish the original wall and rebuild a soundproof wall; the other is to keep the original wall and add a soundproof wall.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The first method is to remove the original wall panels, install gray plastic cardboard on both sides, and stuff glass fiber between them. This scheme will have good results. The second method is to retain the original partition wall and add a few columns to form a soundproof wall filled with glass fiber. This kind of scheme adds a new wall, the sound insulation characteristic is better than the former kind of scheme. However, its shortcoming is to reduce the width of the room by a few centimeters. In situations where room space is limited, such as an apartment, it may be appropriate to rebuild the soundproof wall.

3. Create a "room in a room"

The following is a real-qualified sound insulation countermeasure. To achieve real sound insulation, it is natural to implement sound insulation measures on the six sides of the room. If only a certain degree of sound insulation is added to the walls (partition walls) of adjacent rooms, then the impact of the ground and ceiling on the sound will be prominent. In order to prevent this from happening, the sound insulation of the complete cut-off must take corresponding measures on all six sides of the room. To better improve the sound insulation properties of the room, it is to recreate a room in the room, the so-called "room-in-room" structure.