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What is the criteria for building wireless bluetooth speakers space in speaker technology?

Hedy 2021-04-12 16:54:47
Each wireless bluetooth speaker space has different sound characteristics, and each wireless bluetooth speaker space will have different unique sound characteristics due to the size, proportion, and decoration design. Therefore, even the same wireless bluetooth speaker equipment, in different wireless bluetooth speaker spaces, will produce different sound characteristics. A successful wireless bluetooth speaker space will create a fascinating sound charm. Here we will introduce you to the guidelines for building a wireless bluetooth speaker space in speaker technology.

1. The soft-tuned space is more suitable for listening to music
The space where the floor, ceiling, and four walls are nailed with plywood, gypsum board or wooden boards are soft-tuned spaces. Spaces made of reinforced cement or brickwork are called hard-tuned spaces. At present, most of the living environments in my country are hard-tuned spaces.

Because the hard tuning space cannot properly absorb the excess treble and mid-bass, the treble is too harsh or the mid-bass is too dull when listening to music. Although the soft tuning space may also have the disadvantage of excessive bass absorption and insufficient bass, but in practice It proves that the soft-tuned space is still more suitable for listening to music.

2. Clever use of reflection, absorption and diffusion
The reflection, absorption and diffusion of sound waves are carefully configured to achieve warm, full, soft, rich, clear and transparent sound.

3. Large space is better than small space
The volume of a large space is larger, and the sound waves emitted by the wireless bluetooth speakers are less affected by the distortion of the boundary (six walls), and the sound obtained is more correct. In a large space, if it is properly configured, the sound obtained will be more relaxed, uniform and correct , And the low-frequency dive is deeper. As for standing waves, although it is impossible to completely avoid large spaces, the degree of harm is relatively low.
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4.the equipment should be properly matched
Each sound space will have its own sound characteristics. These sound characteristics also need to be matched with appropriate wireless bluetooth speakers to achieve the effect of red flowers and green leaves. The better the sound space is arranged, the wider the matching range. On the contrary, if the sound space is not arranged ideally, You can only find a few equipment to adapt to such a biased space. The size of the space is different, and the matching wireless bluetooth speakers are also different. It will be futile to equip large wireless bluetooth speakers in a small space or use small wireless bluetooth speakers in a large space. This requires a wealth of experience to achieve perfection Effect.

5. Reasonable enthusiasts should minimize exclusivity
It is inevitable that every audiophile will develop his own listening habits and preferences because of being in his own audio space for a long time, and use these habits and preferences as a benchmark to judge the audio space, listening habits and preferences of others, and it is easy to make negative judgments on others. Therefore, when hearing different sound performances, first do not make any exclusive comments, but try to discover the strengths of other people's sound effects.

6.Try to transform the hard-tuned space into soft-tuned space
If you want to turn a hard-tuned space into a soft-tuned space, you can first transform the four walls. For example, use plasterboard nails to form an interlayer, and cover the interlayer with glass fiber cotton. This will not reduce a lot of interlayer space, but also improve the sound insulation effect. The reason why gypsum board or plywood is used is because thin plywood or wood core board is easy to absorb midrange, and gypsum board is heavier and absorbs more bass, which has less negative impact on listening to music. In addition, gypsum board is a fireproof material, It is safer to use as a mezzanine.

7.The quadratic remainder diffuser is very easy to use
Diffusion means that the sound waves emitted by the wireless bluetooth speakers will be reflected uniformly in all directions regardless of the direction they enter. The general sound wave reflection is usually directional. In theory, as long as the length of the reflecting surface is greater than the wavelength of the sound wave, all sound waves with a shorter wavelength than the reflecting surface Will reflect in a certain direction. The sound space needs diffusion, not directional reflection. Because diffusion will make the sound waves in the room more uniform, and directional reflection will only affect a certain part.

8. The sound effect of the sound space should be based on live music
The standard of sound effects in the sound space is not unique, but multiple. The standard of sound effects is based on the performance of live music. The sound effects of live music are not unique, but multiple. As far as classical music is concerned, There are many outstanding concert halls in the world, and they all have different sound characteristics. Some are warm, some are full, some are clear and transparent, some are rich in low frequencies, and some have a good sound envelopment. The sound characteristics of these concert halls are different. Have some strengths.

Affected by the four-fold influence of the unknowable sound characteristics of the recording venue, the sound characteristics of the recording equipment, the sound characteristics of the replay equipment, and the sound characteristics of the audio space, audiophiles can only rely on the performance of live music, and it is a multi-standard.  

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