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Advantages and disadvantages of animal bluetooth speaker

jaskey 2020-12-19 11:29:55

With the continuous development and advancement of technology, the unattainable ultimate sound quality effect is no longer so far away. Even some relatively inexpensive animal bluetooth speaker can bring some good sound quality feelings.Good Animal bluetooth speaker can make the sound more loud. It is true, and it is rich in the details of the sound, but with the continuous development of skills and skills, a animal bluetooth speaker appears in front of people. Compared with traditional  bluetooth speakerspeakers, what are the advantages of animal bluetooth speaker?

The frequency divider can be divided into electronic frequency divider and power frequency divider according to the position before and after the power amplification; according to the frequency division, it can be divided into two frequency divisions, three frequency divisions, four frequency divisions, etc., but more than four frequency divisions are troublesome. Meaningless.

animal bluetooth speaker

The first is a wider frequency response, especially low frequency extension. A good animal bluetooth speaker usually uses a bass unit with a caliber above 8 inches. If the planning is reasonable, the low frequency extension is lower, the definition is better, the volume is more abundant, the distortion is lower, and the dynamic recovery is better;

Second, the distortion of the animal bluetooth speaker is lower. A reasonably planned three-way speaker usually uses a small-caliber pure midrange unit and a large-caliber low-range unit. The high- and middle-range low-range units perform their own duties. They work separately in the frequency region where their units are best, with the lowest ones. Distortion can restore more details. And enough information is just a necessary quality for advanced speakers;

Third, the animal bluetooth speaker has better information and greater dynamic headroom, and can be used to replay more music types. Although some small bookshelf boxes claim to be able to replay Mahler’s symphony, but to replay a higher level of symphony, a pair of three-way speakers with a bass unit of at least 10 inches is a starting point. It can not only supply symphony orchestras. Low distortion under loud pressure during unison, and a more realistic depiction of bass drum, bass pipe, double bass, organ, etc.

In fact, the more messy four-way/five-way speakers are also refined on the basis of three-way frequency, but it is very difficult to plan more and more messy crossover planning, especially phase planning. On the whole, animal bluetooth speaker are a good type of speakers.

Third, however, animal bluetooth speaker are not easy to plan. The first thing it involves is the phase problem. If the phase planning is not good, the animal bluetooth speaker often make people feel that the sound is not transparent, the clarity is not high, and the band organization In a messy situation, the low frequency will be muddy and dirty, and it is not as good as the bluetooth speaker.

However, due to the fact that there are more speaker units in the crossover speakers, there is a certain tone and phase difference between each other, so the sound field of the sound is not so pure, and the overall tone will also be deviated.