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What is high end speakers

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-07-01 12:11:48

Hifi (High fidelity or hi - fi) is a term used professional audio enthusiasts, can perfectly reproduce the original sound or image refers to the equipment and the carrier, there is usually no distortion, there is a precise frequency response and the term is widely used in the 1950 s and 60 s, by German standards standardization institute in 1973.After 2000, has been replaced with the high-end audio.

Hi - Fi = high fidelity, enthusiasts of Hi - Fi system generally refers to the technical indicators are high acoustic equipment.High-fidelity audio equipment usually includes audio source, after the front-end amplifier (Pre - Amp), amplifier (Power Amp) and high end speakers.

Hi-fi system component of the sound system is mainly composed of auditory system (ear) (equipment), the hardware system, software system (source) and the listening environment.
An audio source refers to the audio source software in the magnetic signal or digital signal into electrical signal equipment, it includes the BD, DVD, SACD, CD, tuner, booth and so on.Different class audio source for quality will have a significant impact, for rotary machine audio source, stability, resistance to vibration mechanical module, the signal path, the shortest digital filter with high quality components are the assurance of high quality audio source.The audio equipment is given priority to with blu-ray, SACD players and CD players.

Power amplifier is mainly input audio equipment into a weak signal amplification to produce enough current to drive a high end speaker for sound playback.There are A lot of the kinds of power amplifier, according to the function can be divided into levels before and after, according to the type of points can be divided into bile (tube), and stone machine (transistor), by conducting different ways, can be divided into A power amplifier (also known as class A), B power amplifier (also known as class B), the class AB amplifier (also called class AB) and D class amplifier power amplifier (also called D class).

The mouthpiece of the high end speakers is a set of audio equipments, the voice of the sound source software eventually rely on high end speakerss, audio equipment the pros and cons of heavy burst completely on high end speakers to express, so high end speakers in the audio equipment has a decisive role.

In addition, the collocation of equipment also is critical, general audio and power amplifier manufacturers will launch a combination product, the same series of products on the overall performance, timbre, coordination and appearance to achieve the best balance.

High Fidelity of the original word in English is High Fidelity, hereinafter referred to as the HI - FI.High fidelity refers to the audio recording and playback system or equipment has the ability to reflect the sound signal would like audio signals and equipment for specific modification, processing, and sound field reappearance audio-visual position degree of vivid and moving.

Evaluation of whether a sound system or equipment can meet the demands of high fidelity, and generally subjective listening and objective evaluation index should be adopted for the testing conducted by a combination of, and objective test index as the main basis.Because the performance of the instrument testing equipment, can be very intuitive quantitative results for reference to compare, is undoubtedly the most scientific and reliable.

However, with the progress of technology and people to a greater understanding of the mechanism of distortion of audio equipments, the traditional "static" test methods and frequency response, distortion and signal-to-noise ratio has three major evaluation indexes are insufficient to fully reflect the quality of equipment, can appear sometimes inconsistent test index and evaluation of listening.Such as modern effect transistor frequency response is above (0) 100 kHz, distortion degree can reach below 0.01%, also the sound quality is good, but one KHS 18 and about 30 hz frequency response, by about 1% compared to the vacuum tube amplifier distortion degree, many people still think tube amplifiers sound quality is better than transistor amplifiers.And well trained professionals through listening evaluation can directly to equipment quality comparison of practical qualitative judgment.In test method has not been further perfect with subjective listening to sound quality evaluation of equipment is necessary.

Listening evaluation, the evaluation terms should be in accordance with the general quality of equipment comprehensive evaluation.But subjective listening evaluation way unavoidably bring some subjective randomness, sometimes vulnerable to listen to the sound of office staff quality, listen to the sound psychology, habits, hobbies, and listening to the factors of environment and the way and controversial results.At this time should be based on objective test results as the main evaluation.