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Small bluetooth speaker noise processing method

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2016-06-30

We often have small bluetooth speaker noise problems, in fact, the vast majority of the small bluetooth speakers are able to solve the noise.Here a simple analysis of the cause of the acoustic noise, and screening methods, available for reference when you need.

Small bluetooth speakers use undeserved there are a variety of conditions can cause noise, such as signal interference, poor contact interface or line, speakers themselves poor quality, and so on.
The noise from the Small bluetooth speakers according to the source can be roughly divided into electromagnetic interference, such as mechanical and thermal noise.Such as active speaker amplifier, transformer and other components are placed within the Small bluetooth speakers itself and mutual interference noise is inevitable.In addition, many Small bluetooth speakers is due to the noise signal lines and plug contact undesirable or short-circuit, maintain the good contact performance of the connector is essential for the protection of the normal work of Small bluetooth speakers .Such as some continuous blare, basically is the problem of signal lines or plugs.Here are some other kinds of noise source and treatment method.

Electromagnetic interference noise source and treatment method
Electromagnetic interference mainly can be divided into interference of power transformer and stray electromagnetic interference.This noise is often characterized by smaller hum.Generally speaking, the power transformer interference is caused by the power of the multimedia Small bluetooth speakers magnetic flux leakage, in conditions allow for transformer shield effect is very obvious, can maximize the magnetic flux leakage blocking, type shield can only use iron materials.In addition, use the external transformer are also a good solution.

Stray electromagnetic interference noise and processing method
Stray electromagnetic interference are common, small bluetooth speakers wire, frequency divider, a wireless device or computer host will be interference sources.Will be the main speaker in the permit conditions as far as possible away from the computer mainframe, and reduce the surrounding wireless devices.

Treatment method of the mechanical noise
Mechanical characteristic of noise is not active speaker.Power transformer in the process of work, the alternating magnetic field caused by the core vibration can produce mechanical noise, it is very similar to the fluorescent lamp ballasts are humming.Choose good quality product is still the best way to prevent this kind of noise.In addition, we can be equipped with rubber shock absorption layer between transformer and a fixed plate.

Also should pay attention to, if the potentiometer to use for a long time, the metal brush will be because of the dust accumulation between diaphragm and wear problems such as poor contact, rotates can produce noise.If the small bluetooth speakers didn't tighten the screw, inverting tube processing does not reach the designated position, big dynamic music playing, also can produce mechanical noise.This noise is commonly, when using the volume or high bass knob to adjust the volume kara kara sound.

Can deal with the thermal noise by changing the low noise components or reduces the working load of the element method, in addition, lower working temperature is one of effective methods.
In addition, some small bluetooth speakers, when the volume too large, also can appear noise.This kind of situation because of the power amplifier output power may be small, cannot avoid the music instantly as a result of large dynamic peak signal or because of the small bluetooth speakers distortion caused by overload.The characteristics of this kind of noise is hoarse, although loudly, the sound quality is very poor, voice quality dry, high coarse, bass.At the same time there is light you can see, along with the music will flickering lights, this is due to the overload situation caused by the severe lower is power supply voltage of the circuit.