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What are the uses of ozone generators

Today's living conditions are constantly improving, and environmental protection units have always advocated the protection of resources. Back in the past, I rarely heard of the need to defend resources. Is it because I didn't need to promote it before, or did I not understand it before? After years of development, the environment has been continuously destroyed. Water pollution, air pollution, and green pollution around our lives are all eroding our lives. Let our lives lose the green color. Now many scientists have begun to step up the research in this area in the results of the research. Among them, ozone is one of the research objects, and the target is water resources. After the success of previous research, an ozone generator was invented for the quality of our living water, and the following research is aimed at the continuous improvement of this product, continuous improvement, and become a necessary one in our lives.

ozone generator

So how does the ozone produced by the ozone generator help water resources? First of all, we all know that ozone can purify the impurities in the water, remove the taste, bacteria and pathogens in the water. After many times of disinfection and deodorization, the water resources we need are formed. The ozone generator is now the biggest protective umbrella for our health and environmental protection, because it has another empty energy to purify the air, whether it is in the car or indoors, water source or other, it can be used to purify and remove harmful substances to the body .

In 1840, Schonhein of Germany announced the discovery of ozone in a report to the Munich Academy of Sciences.

In the sixty years after ozone was formally discovered, scientists from various countries have determined the structure of ozone as three oxygen atoms and its physical and chemical characteristics, and carried out artificial ozone generation devices-thus starting the ozone generator Development and application test of ozone.

Over the past 100 years, ozone has achieved good benefits in the use of drinking water sterilization, sewage treatment, food processing, preservation, and medical hygiene. Ozone has been unanimously recognized by the society for its strong sterilizing power, fast sterilizing speed, and no residual pollution. It has also increasingly attracted the love of people in the disinfection industry.

ozone generator for car

In the past ten years, especially in recent years, many people have poured into the ozone field. The allure of this wonderful substance of ozone is really too great, but the "trap" is also big, it can be said that it "causes countless people to bend the waist". When people look back and calmly examine the ozone industry in recent years, it is not difficult to see the scene: The vast majority of investors "stand in and lie down" and lose their money. This phenomenon is particularly prominent in my country's home appliance industry. In 2004, the fourth issue of the Electric Appliance Manufacturer Magazine "Take the Pulse of Ozone Home Appliances" pointed out that the home appliance industry was "exaggerated."

The direct (fundamental) cause of this phenomenon is that the ozone generation technology does not pass the test. A few investors are not willing to fail in their investment, and it is difficult to solve the problem that the ozone generation technology does not pass the test. They take the risk and try to lose their investment. Pass on to consumers. Excessive, false, and sneaky propaganda has led people into misunderstandings. They confuse ozone with equipment that can produce ozone.

Many consumers have made a common-sense mistake. They often transplant the excellent quality of ozone itself to immature ozone generator. The mistaken belief: owning this equipment (product) is equivalent to owning ozone. However, using practice broke their dreams and left them in a daze. People can't help asking, why is it all? how could this be?

best ozone generator

They violated the law of quality. Forget that the production of any substance is based on quality, and "any quality is expressed as a certain quantity, and without quantity, there is no quality." As everyone knows, most of the products they use are equipment that can only produce mixed gas with 1%-3% ozone content, and most of them have only a few hundred hours of service life.

This is a joke in itself, it's like taking a toy gun to hit a tiger, so let's talk about lethality! "Science andTechnology Daily" appeals: "Don't make ozone technology smelly"

The cruel reality educates people that it is time to sum up the experience and lessons.

Experts call for: Ozone generatormanufacturers must indicate the concentration of ozone generated, and must be responsible for the concentration indicators and service life (time). The purity of ozone gas is also explained when necessary. So as to prevent consumers from using improperly, or being deceived to have adverse consequences.

Due to the different generation methods of ozone generator, the technical strength of manufacturers is quite different. Consumers and users must choose the products of  ozone generatormanufacturers in combination with their needs, and must not be hasty.

portable ozone generator