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Is it worth buying Bluetooth speakers?

1. Improve the sound quality of mobile phones/tablets

Nowadays, people use mobile phones for a long time every day, especially when they are resting at home. However, the external sound quality of the mobile phone is very poor, and it consumes electricity, and Bluetooth speakers can solve these two problems. Due to the wireless connection, its placement is very random, not limited by space, and it can also make the sound quality better. Battery life is also its strong point (at least 10 hours or more), and it can continue to work even if it is played on a mobile phone.

2. Hands-free function

Many of the current Bluetooth speakers support the function of answering calls. Its advantage lies in freeing your hands and making calls easily. However, due to the hands-free answering, the privacy of the call cannot be protected, and it is not convenient when there are other people around. Therefore, it will still be restricted by the environment and is generally only suitable for use at home or while driving.

3. Assisted learning

Many Bluetooth speakers now support card playback, even without a mobile phone, you can directly play audio files in the memory card. With this function, users can not only listen to music anytime and anywhere, but also use it as a learning tool to learn English or other languages, which is both entertaining and learning.

4. Outdoor sports equipment

For friends who like to exercise outdoors, music will naturally make the exercise easier and more rhythmic. And a professional outdoor portable speaker can meet the needs of users for riding, climbing, camping, etc. This kind of speakers adopts a fully sealed design, with dust/waterproof/drop-proof functions, and can be used normally even in harsh outdoor environments. You can also share music with friends during a break.

5. Power bank function

What should we do if my mobile phone runs out of power during outdoor sports? You would definitely say to use a power bank, but what if the power bank is not included? Try charging your phone with Bluetooth speakers. No surprise, there are some outdoor dedicated Bluetooth speakers on the market that already support the power bank function. Because of their huge battery capacity, they can charge the phone at any time. Therefore, if you bring this kind of speakers when you go out, the power bank can be thrown at home.