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What are the outdoor wired speakers materials?

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-22 11:43:37
   I. quality wood such as mahogany, rosewood, mahogany, ebony and other valuable hardwood, preferably seamless entire board, as the outdoor wired speakers made the top material, but the material is hard to find, expensive, difficult process, commonly used in the best outdoor wired speakers the. followed for flower willow, Jujube, Azusa wood, etc., to heavy, wooden uniform better. new material damp deformation, to be dry before application of post-processing.

         Two. MDF sheets using up to such low cost, material easy to purchase, easy to process, but the actual production found its strength is poor, easy to produce coloration, outdoor wired speakers booing and crushing soft material, can not be combined with wood screws, and only nail to nail, loudly pressure may Pizhen loose, rigidity is also poor, is not conducive to the robustness of the box outdoor wired speakers.

         Three. Medium density particleboard, also known as pressure template, high strength, cost is also low, the processing is not easy, a lot of merchandise outdoor wired speakers, including many Japanese suit machine supporting speakers are made of this material, but it was reflected in its press statement is not real, including gap more, poor sound insulation. best to make special treatment to improve sound insulation capacity (Outdoor Bluetooth outdoor wired speakers NSP-8046).

         Four. Very high density fiberboard, particleboard and plywood strength, good insulation properties, the material is easier to find, is an amateur production of high quality material of choice for fever speaker, just slightly higher cost, processing would not be easy, you need a special tool, especially high-density particleboard high hardness, not easy with nails, screws, I made a pointed and often wring only call nonetheless, outdoor wired speakers apply a pre-fight hand drill and then a little pores on the fastening screws.

         V. inorganics if concrete casting forming, sheet metal with stone (marble, concrete slabs, granite stone, gypsum board, etc.) to a special process forming, or simply as a large box with heavy pots. outdoor wired speakers Has a small bass, stable sound field, etc., often fever expert use, just too heavy to move tuning rather inconvenient., and the tank wall subject to special treatment.

         Six. Engineering plastics, polypropylene, reinforced modified epoxy resin, high-density polymer thick plexiglass plate (polymer) adhering to modern advanced technology materials technology, many European and American professional speaker manufacturers outdoor wired speakers are using this technology created out high-grade, high-quality outdoor wired speakers, such as JBL MM Series speakers to make high-density plastic box, more famous JBLPROJECT K2 resort to several inches thick plexiglass manufacturing treble throat. difficult to achieve under amateur conditions off. ( LED Light Bluetooth Speaker)

         Seven metal material mainly used for professional speakers and special occasions, such as the stage speakers, mobile speakers, sporting all-weather speakers, portable speakers for military use around the clock ...... amateur home are due to its metal cabinet resonance frequency is higher, coloration is not easy treatment and rarely outdoor wired speakers use.

         Eight. Paper materials entering the burning and multi-channel for financially strapped Shaoyou used, there are some experts in order to make the cabinet and special process enhancement, su

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