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Homemade method of making high-quality best portable speakers HIFI

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-22 15:47:04
   Hi-Fi audio equipment, as the man-machine interface of electro-acoustic conversion equipment - best portable speakers sound system known as the mouthpiece, the final re-interpretation of the sound source, attributed this, it shows an important role in the sound of wonder many foreign countries. high-end best portable speakers costing huge million, several hundred thousand dollars were not uncommon, but in recent years the domestic hot fever resembles concentrated here (best portable speakers).

        Production quality fever speakers, in addition to using high-quality drive unit (best portable speakers) other than the appropriate box structure and process, the treatment process is also extremely important. Due to the speaker unit has been factory-made stereotypes,best portable speakers has become a box design and production influence the decision of a particular unit expressive stage. far as relating to the production of materials and workmanship of this article, according to the newspapers and literature describes himself making practice, summed up the following points in order to eat the majority of burn door peers, best portable speakers learn to want (best portable speakers).

         The main role of the speaker is to eliminate the sound of a short circuit, enhance the bass sound pressure and uniformity, thereby improving the low frequency best portable speakers acoustic characteristics, but its involvement will also bring some negative effects, such as enhanced resonance peaks in the high-frequency reflection and diffraction, etc. , leading to the bass and treble sound dyeing dyeing. try to eliminate the negative effects, play the role of improving the bass is simply made of. ( best portable speakers)

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