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What are the criteria for judging the quality of the sound?

Emily 2020-08-28 10:35:46

Generally, according to the variation and combination of the three elements of musical sound quality, namely loudness, pitch and pleasure, various attributes of musical sound quality are subjectively evaluated. For example, loud at low frequencies is sound fullness, loud at high frequencies is sound brightness, weak at low frequencies is sound smoothness, and weak at high frequencies is sound clarity.

The following is a description of several typical auditory senses in combination with sound sources, sound fields and signal characteristics.So you can choose the dancing bluetooth speakers for you.

dancing bluetooth speakers

1. The dancing bluetooth speaker feeling

Mainly by the sound of space sense (surround sense), positioning sense (sense of direction), layer sense (sense of thickness), such as the sense of listening, the sound with these sense of listening called stereo.

All kinds of sound fields in nature are stereoscopic, which is one of the most important features of sound image of simulated source.Compared with monophonic sound, stereo sound usually has the characteristics of sound image dispersion, sound volume distribution, high definition and low background noise.

2. Sense of positioning

If the dancing bluetooth speaker source is recorded from left and right, up and down, before and after different directions, the received sound should be able to reproduce the orientation of the dancing bluetooth speaker source in the original sound field, which is the sense of positioning.

According to the physiological characteristics of the human ear, the maximum time difference of the first direct sound from the same sound source to the two ears is 0.44ms~0.5ms, and there is also a certain sound pressure difference and phase difference.Physiological and psychological evidence shows that 20Hz~200Hz bass is mainly located by the phase difference between human ears, 300Hz~4kHz mediums are mainly located by the difference of sound pressure, and higher treble is mainly located by the time difference.

It can be seen that the sense of positioning is mainly determined by the direct dancing bluetooth speaker that first reaches the two ears, while the first reflected sound that lags behind the two ears and the reverberated sound that is reflected many times from all directions mainly simulates the spatial sense of sound image.

3. The space

A reflection sound and multiple reflection reverberation sound although the hysteresis direct sound, does not have much influence on the sound sense of direction, but the reflection sound always arrives at two ears from all directions, has important influence on the hearing to judge the size of the surrounding space, makes the human ear has the feeling of being surrounded, this is the sense of space.

A sense of space is more important than a sense of place.

4. The administrative levels

The sound is balanced between high, medium and low frequency, the treble is rich, clear and thin but not harsh, the middle tone is bright and prominent, plump and substantial but not hard, the bass is thick and nasal.

5. The thickness of feeling

Dancing bluetooth speaker is composed and powerful, heavy and thick without turbidity, treble is not missing, moderate volume, certain brightness, appropriate reverberation, small distortion.In addition, there are many evaluation of sound quality listening sense, such as strength sense, brightness sense, presence sense, soft and hard sense, tightness sense, width sense, etc.