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The impact of vibration on audio outdoor portable speaker equipment

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-21 18:46:20

1. Impact on the amplifier outdoor portable speaker

In the amplifier, certain components such as electrolytic capacitors will generate noise when subjected to mechanical vibration. Consider that the power transformer inside the amplifier will produce mechanical vibration, and external sound waves will also cause mechanical vibration of the equipment. Perceived, but for the amplifier that processes and amplifies weak audio signals, the mechanical vibrations inside and outside the outdoor portable speaker machine will affect the sound quality, and cause the analysis power to drop and the sound details are lost, the distortion becomes worse, and the noise increases.

2. Impact on the sound source

CDplayer (compact disc player), DVD (video disc player) and Tape (recording deck) and other equipment have the rotating part of the mechanical drive system. Since this rotating system is the source of mechanical vibration, the outdoor portable speaker rotation system is set at The height of the center of the machine, supported by several shock-absorbing feet, is an ideal way to overcome the effects of vibration. Transformation, for turntables or digital-to-analog conversion circuits (DAC), when affected by the internal and external mechanical vibrations of the equipment, due to the vibration of the movement or the outdoor portable speaker whole machine, it will be transmitted to the record or tape, thereby modulating the audio signal , Make the sound become mixed, and increase the distortion and noise. It can be seen that these sound source devices are affected by mechanical vibration on the contrary. Also, when the sound source is equipped with operation, there is complete noise and vibration, and the music signal track in the CD is so tiny and delicate. Therefore, any outdoor portable speaker slight Vibration will have a negative impact on the outdoor portable speaker sound quality. The lighter will have distortion and distortion of the music signal, and the more severe will "change job" and "crash".

In order to prevent the impact of mechanical vibration on the audio equipment, as far as the equipment itself is concerned, outdoor portable speaker is mainly by increasing the weight of the whole machine and adopting a symmetrical layout structure to maintain weight balance and achieve high stability. In use, shock-absorbing measures should be taken, such as avoiding stacking audio equipment. This is an extremely common form of misplacement, because the vibration between the devices will affect each other. The correct outdoor portable speaker sound equipment placement method should be to place each equipment separately on a sturdy and stable equipment rack. The shelves between each layer should have sufficient damping against mechanical vibration, and outdoor portable speaker the necessary shock-absorbing feet and pressure plates should be installed. The spontaneous and external mechanical vibration and resonance of the equipment are minimized.

3. Impact on speakers

When the speaker cabinet vibrates, resonance occurs, and the sound waves radiated by the cabinet wall will directly interfere with the direct radiated sound waves of the speaker, which will cause the shift of sound quality. The speaker itself is a vibrating body. After the speaker box is made, it should be placed in a stable and solid manner. The speaker can sing and dance, and the music should be swayed in the box. The box should not be moved (just use our table-type speaker -For the ND-100, in order to prevent shock, the speaker cabinet adopts the six-point dense board imported from Malaysia, and the actual weight of a single speaker is 6 kg.). In addition, when the volume of the audio is too high, the equipment will be vibrated, or even a slight vibration, which will damage the sound quality of the audio. Therefore, it is necessary to take anti-vibration measures for the above equipment, as well as amplifiers, speakers, etc. , In order to get the best beautiful outdoor portable speaker, sound.
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