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The first step to improve portable wireless speaker sound quality-shock absorbers

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-10-21
The portable wireless speaker sound system is calm and heavy

In all aspects of the audio system, we pay attention to portable wireless speaker stability and weight. For example, before buying an amplifier and speakers, we must first look at them. In fact, portable wireless speaker this argument has theoretical basis.

As far as the amplifier is concerned, this argument is more controversial. Fans who hold this argument believe that the heavier materials inside the amplifier should be transformers, heat sinks, cabinets, etc., portable wireless speaker these things The heaviness and lightness of the amplifier will more or less affect the quality of the amplifier. The transformer is heavy, which means that the internal copper wire is wound with more turns,

the current will be larger, and the relative output power will be relatively larger; the heat sink is heavier, which means that the heat sink is larger, portable wireless speaker the heat dissipation capacity will be better, and the amplifier is also more capable Withstand long-term boot; the case is heavy, which means that the whole machine will be relatively stable and portable wireless speaker the shock-absorbing ability will be better. The above is for traditional amplifiers. However, due to technological progress, many of the portable wireless speaker overall design concepts of new amplifiers have escaped from these old-fashioned design concepts.

Regarding the saying that the heavier the portable wireless speaker, the better, there is a saying when buying a loudspeaker: "Buy by the catty", the heavier the loudspeaker box, the thicker the board used, the stronger the ability to control resonance, and the better the anti-interference. The smaller the dye, portable wireless speaker the thicker the sound. The first step in purchasing a speaker is to lift the speaker with your hands and weigh it. Generally portable wireless speaker, the heavier the weight, the better the quality of the speaker of the same level. In addition, the loudspeaker is heavy, which means that the magnets of the medium and woofer speakers are relatively large, and the bass will be heavy. Therefore, the view that "the heavier the speaker, the better" is less controversial.

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