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The difference between TWS gaming earphone and music earphone?

Cindy 2021-11-20 11:13:22

1. Sound quality: The sound quality of TWS gaming earphone is often not very good.The difference between TWS gaming earphone and music earphone mainly lies in the direction of creation. TWS gaming earphone pays more attention to sound field and positioning sense (for example, gunfight games need positioning very much). At the same time, the volume and intensity of low frequency are increased in order to satisfy the user's sense of stimulation.The music earphone pays more attention to the music quality and the restoration degree, and has the bias to the bass or the treble earphone, the appropriate sound range the effect is very good, the sound quality is pure, the sound has the penetration.

2. Performance: TWS gaming earphone, which are suitable for playing games.For game users, a TWS gaming earphone with excellent performance can allow players to experience immersive feeling in the game.For competitive game players, TWS gaming earphone can also be used to assist the game players and enhance combat effectiveness.

3. Noise Reduction: The best quality TWS gaming earphone have noise cancellation features to ensure that external noise does not interfere with your game.But regular music earphone don't come with noise canceling features.

4. Microphones: In TWS gaming earphone, a good quality microphone is very important, especially when you're talking to other players.But music earphone generally do not need to have the function of microphone, even if there is a microphone, but the quality of the microphone is relatively low.

5. Appearance: In order to meet the needs of e-sports players, some special effects of lighting are added to the appearance design of TWS gaming earphone at present.But music earphone are more inclined to simple fashion, no lighting effects.