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How to judge the sound quality of speakers

  • Author:Hedy
  • Release Date:2021-04-01
Although any wireless bluetooth speakers has its strengths and weaknesses, especially in a limited budget, how to choose a set of value-for-money wireless bluetooth speakers is a major knowledge, because if you want horses to eat less grass, they should become fat and fat. Really have to take great pains, but no matter any price and level of wireless bluetooth speakers, there are certain reference standards or directions.

1. Test the wireless bluetooth speakers quality of low frequency
The low frequency produced by poor-quality wireless bluetooth speakerss can be loud and deaf, but it is completely bloated and bulky, lacking a sense of layering and firmness. A good low frequency should be clean and lively, with well-defined levels, and it won't be sloppy. Even various low-frequency instruments such as drums, bass guitars and piano bass can be easily distinguished. So don't be fooled by the low-frequency volume. Inferior low-frequency sounds are not as natural and comfortable as clean sound. There are bookshelf type AV wireless bluetooth speakers advertised as very heavy and heavy. Many buyers think it is very good value, because everyone chooses the wireless bluetooth speakers first to screw the weight, because the old bird has explained that the heavier the wireless bluetooth speakers, the more value it is. In fact, this There is a right or wrong way of saying that, the general old enthusiasts want you to screw the weight based on the weight of the wireless bluetooth speakers, the dense board (MD) of the cabinet is thick, and the thickness of the wood is not easy to resonate; in addition, the magnet of the loudwireless bluetooth speakers subwoofer is large, so the bass presented is heavy. However, the average weight of a bookshelf wireless bluetooth speakers with a height of 38 cm is estimated to be heavy at six or seven kilograms. If it exceeds this weight a lot, even as high as thirty or forty kilograms, its weight may be a gimmick. The overall sound quality is of little help.
clock speaker

2. Test the vocals of the mid-frequency
Human voice is the most frequently heard sound, and it is not difficult to detect its pros and cons. Pay attention to whether the human voice has unusual nasal sounds or the feeling of being squeezed. The "box sound" of some wireless bluetooth speakers will also greatly interfere with the mid-range frequency, making the sound in this frequency band ambiguous. Intermediate frequency sound coloration is more serious than that of other frequencies, because most of the audible sound frequencies or music frequencies are concentrated in the middle frequency range. For almost all types of music, it will become playback Obstacles.
3.Test the flexibility of high frequency
The inferior high-frequency is shrieking in the ears, which makes people have a headache. In extreme cases, the violin or soprano can be turned into a sharp brake noise. Similarly, different instrumental music in the treble produces different textures, and a good treble can be distinguished. The high frequency of the next level can even make people distinguish two different tones played by different years and different woods. The easiest thing to master is that a good high pitch is not intimidating to listen to, with pores erected, and it does not make people listen more tired. It should be soft and flexible, smooth and layered, and high. Up to the highest point, it is still easy to hear without changing the voice (of course not based on the recording of a walking singer)

4. Test high volume and sound field image

Some wireless bluetooth speakers are stable at low volume, but when the volume is increased to a certain index, they will be distorted, or "side-by-beat", and various non-recording music signals will appear. (Of course, a volume of less than 12 o'clock is a safe test standard. ). Specifically, if orchestral music is one of the favorite music types, you must pass this level. The standard loud wireless bluetooth speakers can make the sound out of the box to a certain extent, creating a clear sound field and image, showing the position and texture of different musical instruments. There is sufficient diffusion to satisfy the existing listening space. The weak tone and tail tone should be clearly heard, and there is no distortion or distortion in the case of high volume and "big burst", and the human voice and the sound of the instrument will not be entangled. High-quality playback can show a rich sense of music and air, as well as the bounce power of notes, like a cloud and mist to see the blue sky, showing the entire detailed and orderly audio image. What's more straightforward is that it won't make your ears tired after listening for a long time.

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