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The Use of waterproof portable speakers with IPX4 Rating

2020-04-10 16:59:17

All the outdoor waterproof portable speakers should have at least IPX4 rating because they can survive certain (less severe) outdoor conditions such as rain. Also, these devices are considered not only splash-proof but also sweatproof, which means they will survive contact with human sweat and still be able to work properly.  

waterproof portable speaker

So, what kind of IPX4-certified waterproof portable speakers we have? Different kinds, actually.

waterproof portable speaker

The first two things that cross our minds when IPX ratings are mentioned are waterproof portable speakers and bluetooth earbudsbecause they are often used outdoors. For example, if you like to listen to your favorite music while hiking or camping, you will need a device that can survive exposure to rain or generally to humidity without any malfunctions. Also, since IPX4-certified waterproof portable speaker can survive constant exposure to sweat, you will be able to use them not only for jogging but also for indoor workouts. The waterproof portable speakers are nicely coated in order to prevent any damage.

bluetooth earbuds

However, there are some other waterproof portable speakers, such as smartphones, that are used every day in different conditions. We don’t often think about that but they should also have a certain level of protection in order to enable you to answer a call or send a text message in the rain.

Also, we mustn’t forget about headlamps, which are often intended for outdoor use.

waterproof portable speaker

In addition, there are certain situations that require a device to be water-resistant even if it’s not used outdoors. For example, many people love to listen to music in the shower. In case you are one of those people, you should definitely buy a waterproof portable speaker with a minimum IPX4 rating, because they can survive drops or even splashes of water falling on them at different angles.