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Put on a wireless bluetooth earbud hat and make calls without hands

2020-04-09 18:33:25
In winter, you have to go to work and go out. One worry is that the wired headset will freeze hard, and you may not be able to wear a hat when wearing wireless bluetooth earbuds. Wireless bluetooth earbuds? Too expensive and uncomfortable. What should I do? How about a Bluetooth music hat?

In fact, this Bluetooth cap is not too advanced in technology. Simply put, a small plastic box with integrated Bluetooth module, battery, and wireless bluetooth earbuds is designed on the side of the hat; at the same time, the cable is connected to another wireless bluetooth earbuds, located on the other side of the hat. Side and close to the ear.

With this hat on, you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, listen to music, and make and receive calls. There are also touch buttons on the side of the hat, which is very convenient.

The designer also designed a variety of knitted styles and colors of woolen caps for different groups of people, which can basically be said to be suitable for all ages.
Of course, don't expect how good the sound quality of this Bluetooth wireless bluetooth earbud hat is, so this is a dilemma: do you want sound quality or warmth? This may require you to weigh yourself.

However, the price of this Bluetooth hat is very cheap, and it may be good for children or elderly people who do not have high requirements for sound quality.