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The Unbearable noise

Have you ever encountered such a situation, whether you listen to music or watch a movie, the portable wireless speaker will make some noise, and even do nothing, as long as the portable wireless speaker is turned on, it will also make a big or small "beep" sound. In most cases, we generally call this noise "current sound", then how is the current sound caused? How should it be solved?

In fact, the noise of the portable wireless speaker has many reasons, such as interference, poor contact, poor quality of the speaker itself, and the like. Due to the amplifier, the presence of noise in active speakers is very common, which is almost inevitable. The reasons are as follows:

The first is electromagnetic interference, mainly interference from power transformers and stray electromagnetic interference.

1, power transformer interference

Due to power leakage, leakage can be prevented by adding a shield made of ferrous material to the transformer, or an external transformer can be used. The most fundamental thing is to choose a big brand and a solid product.

2, stray electromagnetic interference

Stray electromagnetic interference is more common. Computer mainframes, speaker cables, crossovers, and wireless devices can be sources of interference for portable wireless speakers. When conditions permit, the host should be away from electronic devices such as computer hosts and mobile phones.

Second, mechanical noise

This kind of noise is unique to active speakers. It is similar to the buzzing sound of fluorescent lamp ballasts. When the power transformer is working, the core vibration caused by the alternating magnetic field can be added between the transformer and the fixed plate. Shock absorption layer.

Third, thermal noise

Over time, dust accumulation and wear between the metal brush of the potentiometer and the diaphragm can cause poor contact and generate noise. In addition, if the screw is not tightened and the invert tube is not in place, mechanical noise will also occur when playing large dynamic music. How to deal with hot dryness? It can be solved by replacing low noise components, reducing component workload and lowering operating temperature. For example, to reduce the component workload, when the volume is too large, because the speaker's own power amplifier output power is small, can not avoid the large dynamic peak signal of the music moment, there will be noise, as long as the volume is reduced, it will not appear. The noise is gone.

No matter what kind of portable wireless speaker, it will be aging and damaged after a long time. If the damaged portable wireless speaker continues to be used, there will be noise. If the noise is really caused by this reason, send it for repair or change it.

Common troubleshooting methods and solutions:

The first step: exchange computer audio to the left and right channels of the subwoofer (red and white lotus plugs), and listen to the portable wireless speakers for noise.

A. If one portable wireless speaker has no noise and the other is only, the audio cable is broken and the audio cable needs to be replaced.

B. If there is noise, the problem is not on the audio line.

Next, look at the second step: swap the connection line of the subwoofer to the two small speakers, and listen to the speaker for noise.

A. If one portable wireless speaker has no noise and the other is only, it indicates that the internal circuit or route of the speaker has a problem. You can find someone to open the subwoofer to check the diagnosis and solve the problem.

B. If there is still noise, there is a problem with the chassis cable, or there is a problem with this small chassis.

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