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Teach you to avoid stepping on wireless stereo earbuds to buy minefields!

2020-04-20 16:40:45

Today's wireless stereo earbuds are hot. The wireless stereo earbudon the market are dazzling. Some people are dazzled. How to buy a wireless stereo earbuds that suits your own. Today's editor makes a choice for users who do not know how to choose wireless stereo earbudsPurchase guide, try to let everyone buy thewireless stereo earbuds that suits you.

Bluetooth: Prioritize wireless stereo earbuds with a higher version

When choosing a wireless stereo earbud, the wireless stereo earbud with a higher version is preferred. The difference between different versions of the wireless stereo earbud is mainly in the three aspects of transmission rate, throughput, and transmission distance. In short, the Bluetooth version can definitely use the experience better. At present, Bluetooth 4.2 version and Bluetooth 5.0 version are more common on the market. Bluetooth 5.0 version Bluetooth 4.2 version can bring double data transmission speed, the transmission distance is increased to 4 times stronger, and the transmission efficiency loss is reduced. That is, more information can be transferred to other compatible devices without the need to establish an actual connection.

If you do n’t know which version of Bluetooth is the highest, there are two ways to confirm, one is to search the relevant information directly on the network, and the other is to look at some Bluetooth electronic products. The latest products are basically equipped with the latest Bluetooth.

wireless stereo earbud

1.Waterproof: Choose different waterproof grades according to different needs

Wireless stereo earbud are so small and have to sound, so it is very difficult to really waterproof. Therefore, the general waterproof level is high and the cost is high; if a tens of dollars of headphones are IPX7 waterproof, it is basically not very good. It's possible.

When buying a wireless stereo earbud, you often see the product's parameters will be marked with waterproof grade IPX4 or IPX7, etc. For these parameters, I believe many people are not very clear.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the headset is IPX4 waterproof, it can guarantee daily use, and it will have no effect if it is wiped clean with slight water and sweat. The requirements for wireless stereo earbuds are higher, because sports will sweat, which causes the headphones to be wet for a period of time, and the corrosion of sweat on electronic products is particularly serious. Sports headphones generally choose professional wireless stereo earbuds and IPX5 waterproof level .

2.Battery life: The longest battery life in the wireless stereo earbud market can reach more than 100 hours

For wireless stereo earbuds, its battery life is the biggest drawback that distinguishes it from wired headsets, and it is also a point of concern for many people. The endurance of the Bluetooth headset is a standard for testing the durability of the Bluetooth headset. Most Bluetooth headsets are now charged to provide power. A single use of 4-6 hours, with the charging compartment can provide an additional 10-20 hours of extra usage time. Some headset brand products even have a single battery life of more than 10 hours, but the shape of the headset is indeed very large. As we all know, the larger the battery of the Bluetooth headset, the greater the power, so the longer the battery life, the single battery life of the headset reaches 10 hours The appearance of the wireless stereo earbuds is a full circle of other wireless stereo earbuds, which will seriously affect the user's wearing experience.

wireless stereo earbud

3.Wear: Comfort and stability require actual experience

Regarding the feeling of wearing in-ear headphones, each of us has our own subjective opinions. Generally speaking, semi-in-ear headphones are more comfortable to wear because they are not fully inserted into the ear canal, such as Apple s airpods. There is sound leakage. The overall sound quality of the in-ear earphones is better, which reduces the interference of external noise, that is, it can listen to songs at a lower volume without interference in a noisy environment, and it fits the ears more, reducing the leakage of sound. But wearing it for a long time will have a stethoscope effect causing ear pain, and in-ear sound effects may be better. However, if you live in a complex field such as outdoor or public transportation, the half-ear ear can be used in more occasions, which may be better.

in-ear headphones

4.Sound quality: performance is directly related to the decoding protocol

Many people think that the sound quality of in-ear headphones is very poor, but it is not the case. In the case of the same sound source quality and the same sound source quality, the sound quality mainly depends on the encoding format during transmission and the sound unit of the headset. The higher the encoding format, the better the sound transmitted by the headset. At present, the audio encoding method of the headset, from low to high, mainly includes SBC, AAC, aptX, HWA and LDAC. Sony's LDAC and Huawei's HWA encoding support higher-quality transmission, and are currently the highest audio rate transmission technology. Of course, your playback device should also support the encoding format of the headset, otherwise the best sound quality of the in-ear headphones will not be shown.