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How to use wireless bluetooth earbuds correctly?

2020-04-20 16:35:46

First, turn on. In the case of no power on, just press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds, when the secondary indicator light is on or the red and blue lights flash alternately, it is the power on. Don't let go when you see the Bluetooth indicator blinking halfway. The indicator light will flash blinking when Bluetooth is connected to the paired device.

Second, pairing. After the wireless bluetooth earbud is turned on normally, the mobile phone searches for the Bluetooth device. Generally, the wireless bluetooth earbudcan be found in about 5 seconds, and then select the wireless bluetooth earbud device you found on the mobile phone. The mobile phone will prompt you to enter the password. General password 0000.

3. Connect. When the phone searches for the wireless bluetooth earbud and you enter the password correctly, it does not mean that your phone can use the wireless bluetooth earbuds. Many mobile phones need to connect with the wireless bluetooth earbud after finding the Bluetooth device.

Fourth, charge. The charging time of wireless bluetooth earbuds is generally around 2 hours. Most of the wireless bluetooth earbuds are red when the charging is on, and turn off when they are full.

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