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Super apple store opened in San Francisco

James 2016-05-21 16:19:28

According to reports in the science and technology media CNET, apple company is located in San Francisco's union square the super apple store is getting ready for the opening of shopping area, the new design is as into the future of the world.The apple store of two large glass door nearly 13 meters high, weighing about 16 tons, open all need 10 minutes every morning.In addition, in the apple store with $1.5 million worth of video wall, full of rustic "genius" Lin, etc.This is since the first apple store opened 15 years ago, the company first launched a new design of the apple store.(Bluetooth sports earbuds)

The super apple store is sliding glass door, can show 12 meters after fully open wide the front door of the channel.They make people feel like out of the San Francisco moderate climate, rather than into the apple store, apple wants to at least similar to your feelings.Apple retail director Angela Allen DE, Angela Ahrendts said, we hope it can make you feel like in the town square, rather than in the store.(Bluetooth sports earbuds)

Super apple store in San Francisco still use customers familiar with the minimalist style of ikea, but much more light color wood furniture to foil apple's latest product, but the design is more concise and pure and fresh, almost no wires.Sloping ceiling set full of thousands of LED lights, make store appear more bright, spacious, and ventilation.(Bluetooth sports earbuds)

San Francisco apple store in combination with the features of apple stores all over the world, with the five new "functional" : the first is the "street", there is a long table and small shops, make you feel as if place oneself in the city.Second, into the "street" customers can get commissioner "creative" help, these people have their own expertise to a specific apple product, you can to introduce products to customers in detail.(Bluetooth sports earbuds)

When customers after the back, they can be along the stairs to the second floor.Other apple store is test glass stair, and San Francisco apple store is the first to its practical application store.On the second floor has a new apple store dah sing 3 functions: Boardroom.Apple team to help entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprise to understand product.(Bluetooth sports earbuds)