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Letv phone cancelled the 3.5 mm wireless bluetooth headphone jack

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-04-27 18:07:38

In Letv 2 phone conference, Letv declared himself the latest generation of mobile phone products canceled a 3.5 mm wireless bluetooth headphones jack, a digital or wireless bluetooth headphones as headphones.To connect a month ago that a new generation of the iPhone may cancel the headphone jack it, Letv finally walking in his front has been looked down upon must be better than apple...

Letv new mobile phone the result whether and how the news of the apple, is a beautiful coincidence or design to work on, but anyhow he finally fast apple step.New iPhone basic won't be published in September, if the new iPhone release with 3.5 mm wireless bluetooth headphones jack, it might seem awkward.
The point is, cancel the wireless bluetooth headphones jack Letv, in special science conference about digital headphones how how good, how how traditional 3.5 mm interface is bad, and claims that the digital headphones is the future of the industry, he is a good HiFi, and put all the once with a 3.5 mm or device with wireless bluetooth headphones jack called "analog era", was also the representative backward.And the new have no wireless bluetooth headphones jack only one want to listen to music will not be able to charge to charge will not be able to listen to music became a true HiFi digital interface of mobile phone products, become consumers the savior of the ear.

Seems to use such a long time of 3.5 mm interface of traditional wireless bluetooth headphones are really knocked out, the wireless bluetooth headphones will also usher in a new era.