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Small portable mini power bank big role

lillian www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-16 19:08:55
  Portable mini power bank also called "external battery", "external battery", "back-up battery," "portable mini power bank""

Mobile Power "concept, with the rapid growth and popularity of digital products and developed, portable mini power bank and its definition is: convenient and easy to carry portable mini power bank for digital product features increasingly diverse, more frequent use, and our daily lives more and more closely associated with, how to improve digital products, duration of use,

convenience to people's lives, to replenish the supply, to play its most important function of the importance of the more urgent. mobile power, and that is for the best solution to solve this problem, Carry a portable mini power bank supply, you can charge anytime, anywhere for a variety of digital products.

    Mainly depends on the quality of portable mini power bank energy conversion rate of up to about 80%, common at around 70 to 75%, only 30% or even poor, such as the conversion rate of less than 75 percent would mean a greater loss of portable mini power bank lines, electricity heat core itself is also large.

portable mini power bank