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Put on the speakers outdoor battery, walked slowly

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-16 18:55:20
   Put on the speakers outdoor battery, looking at the starry night, walking slowly, walking in the playground. The empty playground, cheered basketball game, a couple walking hand in hand, two thousand two hundred thirty-three running man, nothing to fall back mind girlfriends, have been the stars seen thorough. Listen " speakers outdoor battery "Playground hiding little corner, as if submerged night.

   I like that Travel , Like those Insular place Like the Shangri-La in Yunnan, in deep snow, in the hinterland of grasslands, woodlands in Bita, have a lake, Napa and other countless peace and quiet mountain lake deep mysterious call people to put aside their beautiful veil, or is south of Wuzhen, feeling "bridges" the honest and beautiful. Slowly, slowly, waiting for the lights go out; slowly, slowly waiting for the night in the silence of the mountain; slowly, slowly waiting for the dawn sun, speakers outdoor battery will also be Good day!

speakers outdoor battery
Pay attention to the speakers outdoor battery device switch sequence

The audio has the same problem with the switch sequence of the equipment as the computer. The speakers outdoor battery signal source device should be activated first when using the audio. Usually, in addition to the power amplifier, we will choose audio equipment such as disc players. When several speakers outdoor battery devices are started one after another, we can pay special attention to the restart. When starting up, first start the initial equipment such as the audio source such as the disc player, and then turn on the power amplifier; when turning off, turn off the power amplifier first and then the terminal speakers outdoor battery device. The volume of the audio should be adjusted to the minimum when turning off the machine, which can reduce the impact on the audio when the machine is turned on and off, and will not shock you when you turn on the speakers outdoor battery machine next time.