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Latest epidemic data and related tools, Thermometer Gun

2020-03-24 18:58:04
On March 23rd, the brief report of novel coronavirus pneumonia was released by WHO in sixty-third. The briefing showed that novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were reported in 332930 cases, 40788 new cases, 14510 deaths and 1727 new cases at 10:00 on the 23rd Central European Time. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases outside of China were confirmed in 251329 cases.

At the same day's press conference, who director general Tan Desai said that countries have reported more than 300000 confirmed cases to who, and almost all countries have been affected. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has been spreading rapidly. It has been used for 67 days from the first case to tenth cases, from 100 thousand to 200 thousand, and 11 days, from 200 thousand to 300 thousand, with only 4 days.So we have to keep a thermometer Gun at all times.

The epidemic situation is very serious. We must take protective measures-thermometer Gun. We should not only go out less, but also wear masks when going out. We should also pay close attention to our body temperature every day,any place you enter requires a Theraptor Gun to take your temperature, because once there is fever, it is likely to be caused by novel coronavirus pneumonia. It is very necessary and convenient to measure the body temperature twice a day during the epidemic prevention and control period. Thermometer Gun is an epidemic prevention tool.
Thermometer Gun