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Don't forget to disinfect your cell phone during the outbreak-Uv sanitizer box

2020-03-25 17:29:36
COVID-9 is typically spread during close contact and via respiratory droplets produced when people cough or sneeze.Respiratory droplets may be produced during breathing but it is not considered airborne.It may also spread when one touches a contaminated surface and then their face.It is most contagious when people are symptomatic, although spread may be possible before symptoms appear.The virus can live on surfaces up to 72 hours.Time from exposure to onset of symptoms is generally between two and fourteen days, with an average of five days.So we have to use UV Sanitizer Box every day for disinfection.
Preventive measures to reduce the chances of infection include staying at home, avoiding crowded places, washing hands with soap and warm water often and for at least 20 seconds, practicing good respiratory hygiene and avoiding touching the eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.UV Sanitizer Box can help you reduce bacterial growth.
uv sanitizer box
All the germs you touch, you transfer to your phone. Because we store our phones in dark, warm places that bacteria breeds and grows on our phones. It is like a petri dish in your pocket! While we know it is important to wash our hands to stay healthy, we never wash the one thing we touch the most - our phones. It has become the third hand we never wash. To stay healthy we must keep our hands and phones germ free.Put the phone in the UV Sanitizer Box to disinfect, including your small jewelry, keys can use the UV Sanitizer Box.