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Is it true that the birth of wireless bluetooth speakers is really just to listen to a "sound”

Emily 2021-06-15 14:46:34

I don't know when it started. Among our enthusiasts, wireless bluetooth speakers are always very repellent, and there is a popular saying: "wireless bluetooth speakers are just for listening."

If you are knowledgeable, you will understand that for the sound quality of speakers, factors such as the structure, volume, material, level of the tuner, and even the listening environment are closely related to the sound quality of the speakers. This is why there are all kinds of speakers on the market today. Because it is too difficult and too difficult to design an impeccable speaker by taking all the above factors into consideration, let alone a wireless bluetooth speaker that is originally limited in size?

However, in spite of this, it completely negates the future of wireless bluetooth speaker sound quality, is it a bit "out of context" feeling? Just like there is an article like this on the Internet recently-"Why can't wireless bluetooth speakers "talk about sound quality"? "It says:

1. In a portable wireless bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth audio transmission does have an impact on sound quality, but it is not enough to become a bottleneck for sound quality.

portable bluetooth speaker

2. Compared with Bluetooth audio transmission, the larger limitation of wireless bluetooth speaker's sound quality performance is the speaker size.

In audio equipment, the volume has a great relationship with the sound. The sound quality of a large volume is not necessarily good, and the sound quality of a small volume is almost impossible. The wireless bluetooth speaker belongs to the latter.

In order to solve this problem, many wireless bluetooth speaker manufactures will consider adopting a "choice in sound style" approach to save the sound quality of wireless bluetooth speakers.

Such a common solution is to increase the low frequency, and use the "moving times and hitting times" bass to catch the listener's ears in the first time, to make up for the lack of wireless bluetooth speakers in other frequency bands. In addition, the article also cited the well-known Bose Soundlink Mini wireless bluetooth speaker that uses this method to grasp the human ear.

3. Use Sony SRS-X5, Sugr Cube (Bluetooth version) and other "pursuing original sound" wireless bluetooth speakers to illustrate: "The sound quality is good, but the weight is greatly increased, and the portability of wireless bluetooth speakers is gone."

4. The final conclusion is:

In order to obtain a better sense of hearing under limited conditions, wireless bluetooth speakers need to make a choice in sound style, but whether it is a "ear-grabbing pie" such as Bose Soundlink Mini or a "faithful" such as Sugr Cube, they will face " Choose 1 out of 2 bottles of poison.

Therefore, it is concluded that the value of wireless bluetooth speaker lies in more abundant application scenarios than traditional speakers.

After reading this article, I very much disagree with the blogger's point of view!

Indeed, there are too many wireless bluetooth speakers in China, and they are too messy. I really need to find some that have very good sound quality, and Portable wireless bluetooth speakers are really rare.

Even in the international community, the big names we are familiar with cannot confidently say, "Our products are flawless."

wireless bluetooth speaker

No one is perfect, let alone an artifact?

Therefore, we cannot use the phrase "wireless bluetooth speaker is just for listening" or "wireless bluetooth speaker is more valuable than traditional speakers in richer application scenarios" to negate the future development of wireless bluetooth speaker sound quality.