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Introduction to the principle, function, scope of application and type of shoulder massager

Cindy 2022-02-25 11:03:37
With the development of urbanization, social competition is constantly intensifying, and the pace of modern life is becoming more and more compact. People strain their nerves every day to cope with the tedious work of the day. Day after day, year after year, daily overwork will naturally accumulate in various parts of people's bodies, resulting in a certain amount of soreness. In order to relieve this symptom, many friends will consider buying a shoulder massager. However, some friends do not understand the shoulder massager, such as what is the principle of the shoulder massager? What does a shoulder massager do? What is the scope of application?
1. The principle of shoulder massager The shoulder massager is a product that relieves body aches and pains by using the principles of ergonomic mechanics and the meridian of traditional Chinese medicine. It can automatically heat up through power supply or physical action, and is designed to generate a warm thumping function that simulates the beating of human hands, providing a comfortable enjoyment like a real massage.
2. The role of shoulder massager The shoulder massager can relieve shoulder and back pain caused by work pressure or housework, and can improve shoulder pain caused by stiff sleep at night. It can also promote blood circulation through massage and relieve the pain caused by Local pain caused by poor blood circulation for many years can also burn fat, help lose weight, and shape a beautiful body curve. The shoulder massager has many benefits, but it must be used consistently, and the effect will be better after long-term use.
3. The scope and type of shoulder massager The shoulder massager is suitable for a wide range of people, including long-term computer workers, people with myopia, management, drivers, high-strength and high-pressure workers, middle-aged and elderly people, and mild insomnia. , sports injuries, etc. With the improvement of people's quality of life and the continuous progress of social science, shoulder massagers are also constantly developing. At present, there are many types of shoulder massagers on the market, including digital display type, LED display type, sand weighted type, Hydrogel weighted, mineral salt weighted, heated, etc.