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Introduction of sound system

2022-02-23 11:32:34
Introduction of sound system
The sound system refers to the use of a microphone to convert the sound wave signal of the original sound field sound into an electrical signal, and to process the electrical signal through some electronic equipment according to certain requirements, and finally use a speaker to convert the electrical signal into a sound wave signal for playback. The whole thing from the microphone to the speakers is the sound system. Both the microphone and the loudspeaker are called transducers. Although the electrical signal in the sound system is different from the acoustic signal of the sound wave in the form and dimension of energy, as a signal, the essence of the information between them is consistent, that is, their amplitudes have a corresponding relationship of relative magnitude, and their The frequency is also corresponding, so the electrical signal in the audio system is in the sound frequency range of 20Hz~20000Hz in frequency, which is called audio signal. Audio signal, which is an important feature of a sound system.

System Components
Although there are different sound systems according to different requirements and tasks and different occasions, and the same type of sound system is also quite different according to the number of functions and the size of the scale, there are also common aspects in the composition and design of the sound system. rule. For the composition of professional audio systems, the mixer is generally the center, and the ins and outs of the sound signal are grasped. The back-end equipment can be connected to the recording equipment or the amplification equipment according to the different systems, and the audio processing equipment can be connected to the surround mixer according to different needs. For home audio systems, the preamplifier (preamplifier) ​​is the center for patching.