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How to correctly operate the portable Bluetooth speakers sound system switch?

2017-02-07 12:13:15

A portable Bluetooth speakersound system is composed of many independent sound units, such as: tuner, deck, equalizer, LD player or VCD player and AV power amplifier. These units need to be plugged into the 220V AC power plug board. Some people, for convenience and trouble-saving, turn off all the plugs when they are turned off; when turning on the plugs, all power is turned on. Although this method saves trouble, it has hidden dangers. Because this operation will generate surge current and reverse peak voltage, these two impacts will often damage portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment. The damage of some equipment is mostly caused at the moment of starting or shutting down, and the damage is not caused when the well is in normal working condition.

Inrush current: A portable Bluetooth speaker audio equipment is composed of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers and other components. They are all in a cold state before being turned on. When it is turned on, its resistance is small, so the instantaneous current is very large, which is 2.5-3.5 times the normal working current. This current is called a surge current, which can cause damage to the circuit. It occurs at the moment of power-on or power-off, and is not damaged during normal operation.

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Inverse peak voltage: Inductive components, transformers and other units have a characteristic, that is, when a voltage is added or removed from the circuit, the unit will generate a back electromotive force to prevent the voltage from changing. Then when a voltage is applied to the inductance element when the device is turned on, it will generate a back electromotive force to prevent the establishment of this voltage, but the energy of the power supply voltage is continuous, so this back electromotive force only plays a role of voltage damping and has little effect on the circuit. However, the situation is different when it is turned off. When it is turned off, a back EMF is generated in the circuit without any barrier. This voltage is the inverse peak voltage, which is 9 times the normal voltage. Although its current is very small, the voltage is very high, causing an impact on the equipment. Therefore, the surge current and anti-peak voltage of each portable Bluetooth speaker audio unit act on the audio equipment at the same time, causing a big impact, which is easy to cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, it is best to turn on and turn off each portable Bluetooth speaker audio unit one by one in sequence. The correct boot sequence is to boot in the direction of the portable Bluetooth speaker audio signal flow: turn on the deck, CD player, LD player or VCD player, tuner, equalizer, and finally power amplifier.

The correct shutdown sequence is to turn off the power amplifier first, and then turn off other equipment.

At present, for the convenience of use, a delay type power plug board has been invented abroad. The first group of sockets is a direct switch socket; the second group of sockets, when this machine is turned on, can delay 1s (seconds) to turn on the power; the third group of sockets, when this machine is turned on, can be extended When the machine is turned on, the power can be turned on after a delay of 3 seconds. Similar to this when shutting down, the power is also cut off in different time periods.  

This prevents the surge current and the reverse peak voltage from acting on all equipment at the same time and damaging the portable Bluetooth speaker audio equipment.