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Bone conduction headphones principle

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2017-02-16 09:42:43

In recent years there has been a new type of headset called bone conduction headphones, it does not need to plug the ear, but attached to the temple or zygomatic sites, and then we will be very wonderful to hear the sound coming from the bones, even the ears Cover can hear very clearly.

Traditional headphones produce vibration through the diaphragm headphones sound, and then the sound transmitted through the air into our ear canal, causing vibration of the tympanic membrane, resulting in hearing. The bone conduction headphones, although the vibration is generated, but the vibration is not through the air, but through the head of the temporal bone, the vibration directly to the auditory nerve conduction, the formation of hearing, and this process does not need to go through the ears of the tympanic membrane.

In middle school, we also learned the sound transmission needs of the media, the media can not only be air, can also be metal, water, stone, of course, their own bones is no problem.

Under normal circumstances we hear the sound is transmitted from the air to the ear, and then passed to the brain through the auditory nerve analysis, and finally hear the sound. The way of bone conduction is different, it is through the headset on the cheek vibration will be transmitted to the auditory nerve sounds, and finally through the analysis of the brain sound. In other words, even if we do not have ears can still hear the sound.

We usually eat when the sound is very small, the people around you can not hear, but we hear very clearly, even if you stuff stuffed ears sound is still very clear, this is bone conduction.

Bone conduction was originally used in hearing aids, can make the hearing loss due to tympanic membrane damage hearing people hear the sound. There is also a legend, the 18th century deaf ears of music master Beethoven, had tried to invented by Dovani an idea: teeth with a piano connected to the stick, so you can feel the sound of the piano. Obviously this is the application of the principle of bone conduction.

Bone conduction headphones shortcomings: Because the density of bone than air, so the conduction process in the need to consume a lot of energy; another bone conduction headphones is the biggest problem is the low frequency or high frequency resonance peak will often, which will Great impact on sound quality, which is why many people responded that this headset did not bass.