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How to choose headphones?

Earphones are new headphones do not use too much volume to listen to electronic music, so as not to damage the unstretched headphone folding ring, as long as it is not rock electronic music, you can listen to some soft music or soft music by the way. Just listen to it naturally, don't listen deliberately, or it may damage the headphones. At this point, I wonder if it has been solved?

When choosing headphones, you should choose the one with lower impedance, right? the impedance of  headphones varies with the frequency of the audio signal they play, and the impedance of headphones is generally the highest at low frequencies. It is easy to understand that the low-frequency sound field starts all the diaphragms of the headphones to have the feeling of heavy bass, so the low-frequency attenuation of the playback source used is more significant. So the headphones we bought have insufficient thrust to play subwoofer, which represents the maximum undistorted tipping point for this source. It would be nice to note that the impedance of the headset (32-50 ohms) is about this range when buying headphones. For most headphones, increasing the output impedance with other physical components unchanged will make the sound richer, which is the reason for the high impedance of many high-end headphones.

Careful friends will find that when you plug the headphone into the power-on ear amplifier, you will hear the noise of electric current shock. The noise of high impedance headphones is relatively small in the same current impulse. When there are some extreme and unexpected conditions, such as amplifier problems, high impedance headphones have better tolerance and will not be burnt out.

Thus it can be seen that when the impedance of the selected headset is large, the device may not be able to push or the sound quality may be poor; when the impedance of the headset is small, the headset will break sound or even burn out. Therefore, when choosing to use headphones, we should make a reasonable and correct choice according to the actual situation and according to the equipment that is not.