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Analyze the danger of tws bluetooth headset falling

2020-04-27 19:43:55

1. Turn on the power switch of the tws bluetooth headset first, and observe whether the red and blue LED indicator lights are flashing normally. There is a flashing phenomenon, that is, the internal active is basically normal, it may be that the wireless transceiver unit is damaged, and it is unable to communicate with the external;

2. If the tws bluetooth headset is severely stressed and the casing is deformed, it will affect the internal electronic detector, causing the component to be unsoldered. . Due to its internal structure micro channel, only professional maintenance is required;

3. The shell of the tws bluetooth headset is made of hard plastic material, which is not violently pressed and will not be damaged, but the protruding earphone head is easy to damage. The answer is that in the process of being stressed, the tws bluetooth headset's creepy connection line is easily broken, but it will not affect the pairing function with other tws bluetooth headsets.

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