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How do I connect both of my longest lasting bluetooth earbuds?

2021-01-25 09:14:13

If this is longest lasting bluetooth earbuds that have become unpaired then there is a simple process that works for almost all of them.

Step 1. Turn all Bluetooth devices in range off.

Step 2. Put both longest lasting bluetooth earbuds into the charging case for one minute (the time can very depending on the brand but a minute covers them all) and make sure that they are both charging.

Step 3. Remove the right longest lasting bluetooth earbuds from the case then remove the left one. (Most wireless earbuds require a master and slave the master is normally the right longest lasting bluetooth earbuds)

Step 4. Wait for them to beep or say connected. Basically wait for them to acknowledge each other They may flash and then go solid they may flash two colors and then change pattern It would be similar to what happens to them when they're connecting to a phone.

Step 5. turn on the Bluetooth on the device you want then to pair with. Once paired you should have stereo sound.

If you're like me and run multiple devices at the same time (for myself a ham radio and my phone) and your wireless longest lasting bluetooth earbuds can support it. You can run two devices at once one into each earbud after you unpaired them. How to unpair them is easy it's similar to how you repaired them. To do that you would take the left longest lasting bluetooth earbuds out and go through the whole pairing process to the second device. Then you would take the right earbud out and it would connect to the first device that it has already been paired with. In this way they will be set up as two separate mono Bluetooth longest lasting bluetooth earbuds. With independent sound levels and settings.

longest lasting bluetooth earbuds

In the same way. You can extend your battery life by sacrificing stereo. Let's say your longest lasting bluetooth earbuds have a battery life of 5 hours with 4 recharges in the case. In stereo that would mean 20 hours (with interruptions for recharging time) of semi-continuous operation. However if like me you listen only with one longest lasting bluetooth earbuds in at a time by first pairing both longest lasting bluetooth earbuds together then to your phone, and then putting both in the case and going through the process again but only pairing the left longest lasting bluetooth earbuds and naming it slightly different. You can have 40 continuous straight hours of listening time. You would just not be listening in stereo. You wouldn't have to stop for recharge times as when you get the low battery warning you just swap to the other longest lasting bluetooth earbuds, putting the longest lasting bluetooth earbuds that needs to be recharged in the case. I use this method when I am on a 72-hour on call shift.