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Hat-trick from headphones for air travel

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-10-22
  Hat Juggling From Lewis Carroll's fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland." The book comes to a superb hat-maker able to juggle with a hat. Later, the English Cricket Association borrow its meaning, headphones for air travel to hit the post or crossbar three times in succession, so that the other three people out of a hat each pitcher award, to show its superb pitching skills, this is cricket's "headphones for air travel tricks. " - (headphones for air travel)
  The argument for the first time in 1858, used to describe the famous British cricketer HH · Stephenson hit the post three times in a row to score at the celebration held for him after the game, he got a hat as a gift to celebrate.
Cricket and the headphones for air travel United States similar to baseball, the pitcher threw require the faster the better, the other hit the ball farther the better. Since its own cricket, headphones for air travel where the concept of race into the cricket fans are strict compliance with a rule:
  One would have to take off their hats into the stadium gates, headphones for air travel which means respect for all the players, referees and spectators on the pitch. Therefore, the hat represents the respect. In general, if a pitcher threw three consecutive strikes while the other three players will be eliminated, is a pretty amazing thing. If you encounter such a situation, the referee will award the pitcher a hat as a symbol of supreme honor. headphones for air travel In short, the "trick" the intention is to cricketers consecutive scoring with three goals and get a hat encouragement.
  20th century, hat trick soon be referenced to other sports events, such as hockey (hockey), baseball (baseball) and soccer (football), etc., referring to the participants in the triple alone in the same game, headphones for air travel scoring three consecutive success . The specific meaning that in a game, one team scored the other goal three balls.
  1958 Brazil World Cup semi-final against France, Bailey a man with three goals, out of the French team, "Pele autobiography" will be turned into a section of the brilliant, the title is called "trick." "Trick," saying in Chinese popular late, began about the translation "Pele autobiography" come out.
  1870s, the word only appeared in print. Over time, hat trick not only refers to the players score, but also refers to anything that happened three times in succession.
  1974, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's party became the party's first, and in 1979 to 1987 to win an unprecedented three consecutive general elections. Three of the campaign and even success, this unprecedented achievement, the U.S. "Time" was called "Margaret Thatcher hat-trick." Its original words as: In 1974 she became party leader and went on to achieve an unprecedented hat-trick of election victories from 1979 to 1987. (In 1974 she became the first party, headphones for air travel and unprecedented in the years from 1979-1987 to win successive elections, staged a "trick.")
Therefore, "trick" headphones for air travel the scope of application is not limited to the field of sports, people also use it to describe any three consecutive success
headphones for air travel