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Favorite cultural and sports activities loud outdoor speakers

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-10-22
loud outdoor speakers First contact with hip-hop, began in the 1980s, the American film "Charlie Dance", then break dance (Break & nbsp; Dance) is Breaking predecessor. With China's in-depth understanding loud outdoor speakers of young people's hip-hop, they gradually return to the origin of hip-hop to the China Youth own vision and character to practice hip-hop .

  In addition to the early break dance, since the 1990s, the young people around the country had already started practicing hip-hop. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, because the information is developed, hip-hop to carry out relatively early; Zhengzhou Central Plains martial arts culture and hip-hop because of close ties, Breaking dance also started earlier. After & nbsp; years of development all over the country to practice hip-hop youth, in all the streets of the city square can get together and train them on the scene. They also often organize small game (Battle, ballast dance / fight dance), martial arts best dancer to win the admiration of many young hip-hop instructional videos. - (loud outdoor speakers)

  Adolescent passion for hip-hop culture and the arts led to commercials from hip-hop's large number of applications. We see that in many well-known artists such as Jay, Jordan Chan, Elva, Landy's music video, hip-hop boy's heroic frequent. Nike, Li Ning, Season, Huiyuan, loud outdoor speakers gold pedicle, Nokia and other brands of commercial advertising industry uses a hip-hop style, frequently bombed young consumers vision. Early 2003 Beijing Great Hall of the staged ballet "Notre Dame de Paris", the application of a number of hip-hop movement, forming a unique cultural landscape. - (loud outdoor speakers)
  With the rise of fitness activities, hip-hop as an exercise in major cities also entered the fitness center. Many dance, opera, acrobatics professional practitioners have begun to practice hip-hop, hip-hop widely disseminated in various art institutions. On college campuses, many dance hip-hop community also organized practice; school students use their loud outdoor speakers spare time for hip-hop events are more common, they form a unique community of youth culture in the major cities of the residents in the community. CCTV sports channel in five sets to set up the program a few years ago (although not pure hip-hop professor), loud outdoor speakers three sets of the dance world before the 2003 Chinese New Year is also broadcast a special program invited the North hip-hop dance hall shooting. As a favorite for young cultural and sports activities, hip-hop has spread far and wide across the country come. - loud outdoor speakers

loud outdoor speakers