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Benefits of professional childrens headphones

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2017-03-14 16:52:39

Children are in a critical period of growth and development, the hearing system is more fragile, childrens headphone will cause irreparable damage to children's hearing. Children's immunity is weaker than adults, and for children's frequently used products, antibacterial requirements should be higher. Children's skin is more sensitive to the product contact requirements for children more stringent.

Now there are children dedicated to the use of childrens headphones, to ensure good sound quality on the basis of the headset to reduce the degree of headset damage to children. For example, JASKEY LIMITED designed and produced HEP-0101 childrens headphones, the frequency response between 20-20000hz, high sensitivity (natural and natural sound, clear level, easy to drive); signal to noise ratio of less than 1%, sound stability.

Professional childrens headphones bring the following benefits to children:

1. comfortable - the size of the unsuitable childrens headphones will make children feel very uncomfortable ears, professional childrens headphones in strict accordance with ergonomics, the size of the design for the petite children, wearing a child when wearing a face, designed to meet the children The ear features, will make the ear feel comfortable, earmuffs with a more soft skin.

2. Fun sense - professional childrens headphones will generally be designed for children's aesthetic taste, in line with childlike. Let the children wear childrens headphones at the same time, fantasy and cartoon characters fought side by side, the use of headphones in the process of full of imagination and fun.

3. To protect the skin health - professional children's headphones will generally be used in line with the tenderness of children's skin material, allowing children to wear more comfortable. Traditional headset material is generally made for adults, adult physical structure and children are not the same, some of the traditional childrens headphones inappropriate materials may make children skin itchy, more serious or even cause allergies.

4. Protect children's hearing - scientific research shows that 85db volume is the best volume range for children's growth and development, children's headphones are generally used in advanced PCB circuit board technology and high-end headphone driver program, in the flexibility to adjust the audio depth at the same time Volume limit below 85db, so that children not only have 3D-like texture of the perfect music to enjoy, and all-round care of children's delicate eardrum.

In addition, childrens headphones should have the following two prominent features:

Safe volume control

The real child headphones, features in addition to the external "child", the most important is the control of the highest volume. At present, children's headphones on the highest volume of control in general there are two: protection mode dual-mode childrens headphones, strictly control in a range of single-mode headphones.

Use safety material

Ordinary headset material is not safe enough, most do not meet international safety standards, serious violations of harmful substances, is not conducive to the healthy growth of children. There are very strict safety standards for children's products in the world, such as CPSIA and ASTM in the United States, EN71 in the EU.