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Waterproof rating and international protection standards

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2017-03-23 16:54:59

With more and more digital electronic products to support dust and waterproof features, such as waterproof speakers, waterproof watches, waterproof phones and so on. We can often hear IPXX grade dust and water such terms, a few numbers of expression is very simple, but the meaning of the meaning of a detailed explanation and standard. Today and we talk about dust and water level interpretation and international protection level standard.

International Protection Marking is also known as foreign body protection class or IP code. That is, we often say that the dust and water level. This level defines the extent to which mechanical and waterproof speaker equipment can provide protection against solid foreign matter entry, liquid infiltration, and accidental exposure. Specific to the statement, IPXX after the two figures on behalf of this product has a dust level and waterproof speaker rating.

Dust level of the main level of 0-6,0 level means that the product does not have dust effect; 1 can block more than 50mm objects, the product is basically in a semi-exposed state; 2 on behalf of the block can be greater than 12.5mm Of the object, 3 can block more than 2.5mm objects, 4 can block more than 1mm objects. Really in the digital products are common 5, 6 protection standards. Level 5 means that it is not completely dustproof, but the dust will not cause damage to the equipment or large area accumulation; 6 can be completely dustproof.

The main level of the waterproof part of the 0-8,0 level means no protection; 1 can eliminate the harmful effects of vertical drop of water droplets; 2 can block the vertical direction of 15 degrees of splashing water; 3 can block the vertical direction of 60 degrees Splashing water; 4 can eliminate the harmful effects of splashing water droplets from different directions; 5 can eliminate the spray nozzle on the direction of the harmful effects, such as NSP-0050 waterproof speaker is an IP65 dustproof waterproof speaker, it can 6 Class dust and 5 waterproof; 6 can eliminate the nozzle on the direction of the strong spray of harmful effects. 7 level from the surface of the water 0.15-1 m, for 30 minutes, the performance is not affected, do not leak, such as NSP-8103 speaker is an IPX7 waterproof speaker; 8 top from the surface of 1.5-30 meters, for 30 minutes, Affected, watertight.

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