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Custom OEM speakers customers visit JASKEY LIMITED

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-08-23 12:32:42

On August 22, 2016, Germany's OEM speakers customer Dieter came to JASKEY LIMITED to visit.Looked at the scene by JASKEY LIMITED independent design research and development of all kinds of bluetooth speakers, do the product testing at the scene.Dieter is very satisfied, design research and development of product variety, product quality, novel appearance.

Dieter satisfaction is our custom for his promotions bluetooth OEM speakers of Mock-up samples, the bluetooth OEM speakers started talk about cooperation in July, August, formally began to open.This product appearance design conforms to the cause, Dieter the image of the company, products are high-end quality, exquisite workmanship process.In Dieter's words: "the hand sample of the product sample quantity than others but also careful, JASKEY LIMITED is made products in the heart, I am very satisfied."Obtained the affirmation, participate in the product design and hand the sample ID engineers, structural engineers and electronics engineering with the responsible project manager also reveal the happy smile, more than 20 days of hard work to get the customer affirmation is the biggest rewards.

JASKEY LIMITED increase OEM speakers design r&d spending in recent years to get preliminary results, product updates faster, design products more adapt to the market and product research and development quality also increased many more and more customers like our products. OEM speakers customer are also more and more attracted, leading OEM speakers customer from Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, to South America.Now OEM product research and development is JASKEY LIMITED strong advantages, welcome customers to make your favorite products.