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Apple in China by american companies sue against infringement

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.stdaily.com/index/
  • Release Date:2017-01-06

According to the China Science and Technology Network News: Apple in Shenzhen, China Intermediate People's Court by a US company to sue its iPhone and iPad tablet PC patent infringement, total claims 129 million US dollars, equivalent to about 900 million yuan, a record of intellectual property infringement in China Highest claim record.

January 4, the plaintiff in Guangdong, China will meet the media, said the reason, the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court in China sued because China is a big manufacturing country, the market is huge, and China in recent years has been strengthening intellectual property protection, the plaintiff Of the highest value of Chinese patents. In addition, the patent itself is a Chinese patent, the alleged infringement in China, including Shenzhen. Apple claims in the case during the sale to the world of iPhone and iPad Tablet PC are manufactured in China, it is the alleged patent infringement products in China.

The plaintiff company is a United States of America Hawaii company, holds the Chinese invention patent name is "paging method and device", the date of application is June 15, 1995 (priority date: June 24, 1994), authorized announcement day Is April 11, 2001.

A method and an apparatus for receiving a page include a method of receiving a page, a method of receiving a page, a method of receiving a page, and a method of receiving the page. The method of receiving a page includes updating a location area of ​​a subscriber identification card that is updated in a location area, When the received page is a local page, interrupting the updating of the location area of ​​the subscriber identification card that is performing the location area update, and processing the subscriber identification card corresponding to the page The paging. Can greatly reduce the probability of missing paging in the course of motion and improve the success rate of called.

According to the patent inventor, the patent is a 3GPP communication standards related to the basic invention, in China, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other 14 countries have patent protection, is the mobile phone, with GPRS and positioning function of the plate Computers and other communications products involved in a basic patent.

Since 2008, the plaintiff has sued Motorola, Cisco, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Sharp, HTC and many other well-known mobile communication equipment companies in the United States, and has reached a global reconciliation or signed a patent license agreement. The plaintiff also signed a global patent licensing agreement with Huawei in China through friendly negotiation.