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Apple for three consecutive years as the most environmentally friendly company

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com/
  • Release Date:2017-01-11

As the environmental pollution of the serious haze of weather, affecting all aspects of people's lives, the most serious harm or harm to human health, green environmental protection has become a topic of concern to the people.We can use some Medical Products to prevent this.

According to media reports, "Greenpeace" environmental organizations for the third consecutive year Apple will be rated as the world's most environmentally friendly technology platform company.Medical Products have been promoted by the media.

As a result of conventional energy use such as coal, nuclear or natural gas is low, Apple's "Greenpeace" clean energy index score of 83%. Apple also received the highest score in energy transparency and renewable energy sourcing categories, but rated "B" on clean energy advocacy.

"Apple and Google continue to stay ahead of the rest of the industry in adapting to or growing renewable energy supplies, and the two companies continue to leverage their influence to drive greater adoption by governments and their public sector and IT providers Renewable energy, "Greenpeace wrote.We're going to use Medical Products.

In 2012, Apple, Google and Facebook all claimed to be fully converted to renewable energy. As of now, Apple seems to win the competition, which may benefit from Apple's high profits.

Greenpeace's continued applause for Apple is a turning point in the paradoxical relationship between the two. As early as the era of Steve Jobs, Apple and Greenpeace on Apple's environmental issues to start a number of disputes. Later, Apple began to increase efforts in environmental protection efforts have also been praised by Greenpeace.

IPhone manufacturers invest in solar projects around the world and claim that 93% of their energy use in 2015 comes from renewable sources. Apple's data center is entirely dependent on clean energy operation. The new Apple headquarters will also use solar energy as the main power supply.

Greenpeace in the report of the East Asian technology companies expressed serious concern that the latter of non-clean energy (DirtyEnergy) dependence. Baidu and Tencent's final score of "F", and South Korea's Samsung and China Alibaba also received only a D-score.

Although Greenpeace did not mention, but third-party supply chain energy use is still Apple can not. Many Asian suppliers rely on non-renewable energy for production. Although Apple has been working to offset, but the supplier's energy transformation is still lagging behind the Apple headquarters.Medical Products are everywhere.